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Pros and Cons to Attending State Colleges

Ashley Lutz, Fundraising Chairperson

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Like any college, going to an in-state college has numerous amounts of both pros and cons to attending. Rewarding factors such as an easy commute and cheaper cost, depending on whether you sleep on campus and share a dorm or sleep off campus.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, a study from a 2010-2011 school year states that the average tuition for an in-state public college is approximately $9,000 cheaper than attending an out-of-state college.

Not only does going to an in-state college optionally provide you with the home you have slept in for your entire life, but it also lessens future burdens of having to pay off avoidable debt.

An argumentative side is whether being closer to family is a positive or negative thing, and that’s completely up to the student attending.

Questions to ask yourself is:

How close are you to your family? Would you prefer to keep your distance during the beginning of your adult life? How much do you depend on family and friends? Are you sociable and open to making new friends?

Not a lot changes when you stay close to home, but moving away forces the young adult to become more independent and step out of their comfort zone.

Attending an in-state school clarifies that you will see familiar faces and maybe even a friend. This ensures comfortability and doesn’t encourage students to speak to new people.

Another positive trait to attending a state college is that there is a wider variety of academic opportunities. Not to mention, you know the area better than out-of-state travelers. If you are considering an unpopular major, state schools indefinitely have a large variety of options.

Student activities and clubs are an enormous array of choices compared to out-of-state colleges. This is due to the larger population attending these close to home schools.

State grants and scholarships is another huge advantage to attending in-state. Plenty of states offer money to help pay off college to eligible students that have lived there prior to attending.

There are many positives and negatives characteristics as to belonging to an in-state college. The price of admission and stay is overall cheaper, but it is sometimes more of a struggle to get in.There is an increased amount of students that you graduated with, but it also limits attempts to make new friends and speak to different people.
Nick L.

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Pros and Cons to Attending State Colleges