The 3 Most Surprising and Disappointing Starts to the NFL season

The 3 Most Surprising and Disappointing Starts to the NFL season

The NFL season is underway and the first six games have come and gone.  Here are the top 3 most surprising and disappointing starts to the season.   


Surprise Starts

Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts and his teammates celebrating after he scores a touchdown via

Before the season started most of the NFL world thought the Eagles were going to be a good team, but no one thought this good.  Starting off this season 6-0 and the only undefeated team left, they certainly have surpassed early season expectations that were set for them.  In the offseason the team made big moves by acquiring A.J. Brown from the Tennessee Titans during the draft, trading away their 18th pick to Tennessee.  Now there is no surprise that the Eagles are doing this great, with Jalen Hurts playing to an MVP caliber so far.  Miles Sanders is having a great season with 485 rushing yards through six games which is fourth in the league. Additionally, the new star wide receiver A.J. Brown with the sixth most receiving yards which is 503 receiving yards.  In addition to this, the defense has been even better. As of right now their defense is ranked fourth in the league.  The Eagles can definitely be making a big postseason push later in the year.

New York Jets 

Breece Hall stiff arming his way to the endzone against the Packer via DraftKings Nation

In the draft the New York Jets really went out there and took chances.  Some reporters said that they had the best draft in the league selecting Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner, Garrett Wilson, and Jermaine Johnson.  This was just the first round. In the second round the Jets picked up Breece Hall, who at the moment seems to be the steal of the draft.  He is 13th in rushing yards and 9th in all purpose, but in the first three games he did not get the chance to run or receive the ball as much because the Jets had Joe Flacco at quarterback which left a hole in the offense.  Since the Jets young star quarterback Zach Wilson has returned the offense has been able to open up much more leading to the young star running back Breece Hall to break out.  In addition to Wilson returning the defense has really stepped it up a notch.  In the last three games the Jets defense have allowed the fourth lowest points in the league.  Headlined by Quinnen Williams who has five sacks this season and ‘Sauce’ Gardner who has made some of the best receivers in the league to have terrible games.   With Hall and the newly improved defense playing phenomenal it has the New York Jets with a record of 4-2, which means the Jets have the same amount of wins through six games as they did all last season.


New York Giants

Brian Daboll getting a gatorade shower after his first win as a head coach via Yahoo! Sports

In the beginning of the season no one would have thought that the Giants would have one of the best records in football after five games, especially after going 4-13 last season.  This year after six games they already have five wins with a record of 5-1.  Saquon Barkley is a huge reason why the Giants are off to such a great start with the second most rushing yards at 616 yards and the most all purpose yards in the league at 771 yards.  Also, Daniel Jones is playing much better and much more consistently than previous years.  In addition, the defense has been locked down allowing the ninth lowest points in the league this season.  With this great start from the Giants it looks like the playoffs will be in their future. 


Disappointing Starts

Denver Broncos

Russell Wilson getting sacked in loss to the Indianapolis Colts via Mile High Report

Before the season the Denver Broncos made a huge move to acquire a generational talent quarterback in Russell Wilson.  With this signing the Broncos were predicted to even go as far as making the Super Bowl.   Starting off the season 2-4 and in the first six games is very disappointing for this team because of their extremely high expectations.  So far this Broncos offense has looked completely horrendous.  The offense has the lowest points scored per game.  The only bright side of this team is their defense that has allowed the fourth lowest points scored against them to keep them in games. With this Information, it is very hard to see if the Broncos will make it far in the playoffs or even make the playoffs.  




Las Vegas Raiders

Davante Adams shoving camaraman to the ground in frustration after frustrating loss via Kake

In the offseason the Raiders traded for Davante Adams who is known as one of the best if not the best receiver in the NFL.  With this there were predictions saying that the Raiders are Super Bowl contenders, especially since the Raiders had an amazing season last year with a record of 10-7 and making the playoffs even with all of the hits they took.  Having their star wide receiver go to jail and having to have an interim head coach because their original head coach has been kicked out of the NFL for legal reasons. With a clean slate and new head coach Josh McDaniels who is a proven winner winning many Super Bowls with the Patriots as an assistant coach of Bill Belichek, it seems as if they will only do better than last year.   Well the Raiders have done the opposite of their expectations, starting off 1-4 which is tied with two other teams as the worst record in the NFL.  Even though their record says they are playing awful, that is far from the truth, it just seems like the team can’t click together and pull through to get a win at the end.  This is shown through the Raiders losing to the Chargers by 5 points, the Titans by 2 points, the Chiefs by 1 point, and to the Cardinals in overtime.  This has led the team to become very frustrated to the point where Davante Adams shoved a cameraman after a close loss. Knowing this, the Raiders should use the bye week they had this week to make sure they can come together as a team and win games because if they keep playing like this they will not make the playoffs.  

Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford getting sacked by Nick Bosa via The San Diego Union-Tribune

Last year the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl.  With this, most of the football world predicted that they would do the same thing since the team is almost the exact same as last year.   Well this year the Rams just have not looked the same,  getting blown out against the Bills, the 49ers, and Cowboys.  In addition to this, they had to give it their all to beat mediocre teams such as the Falcons and the Cardinals.  Before last season the Rams brought in star quarterback Matthew Stafford to help bring the Rams a championship, which he did, but Stafford has not played like or look anywhere near a Super Bowl leading quarterback this year.  As of right now Stafford has thrown more interceptions than any other quarterback in the league throwing eight interceptions in only six games.  In addition to this, right now it looks like the only bright side on the offense is Cooper Kupp who has been playing great with the fourth most receiving yards with 706 yards.  Another brightside is their defense who has played great allowing the sixth lowest yards per game to other offenses. Overall, the Rams really need to step up their offense because if not they might be struggling to make it to the playoffs.