Fall Play Preview


Picture by Carly Juliano

West Morris Central Theater is preparing for another fall production. This year, they will be performing Arsenic and Old Lace, which was written by Joseph Kesselring in 1941.
Dr. Agostin, the director of the Central Theater Program, was able to give an introduction to the play. “It’s a dark comedy about two sweet little old ladies who are selfless and do lots of charities,” stated Dr. Agostin. She then proceeded to say that these ladies meet a single, lonely older man at one of their charities and they decide to help him out of his misery by killing him with poisoned wine. “I think the play is very different from those in the past. It has a lot more light-hearted feel to it and a lot of room for laughter, though the subject is a little morbid. It’ll definitely keep you guessing,” stated Ava Ferentinos, a senior actress in the play.
The main characters of this play are the little old ladies, Abby and Martha Brewster. These characters are played by Ava Ferentinos and Violet Caruso. The little old ladies have three nephews. Mortimer Brewster, played by Kyle Pass, Jonathan Brewster, played by Maximiliano Ruiter Lopez, and the third nephew, Teddy Brewster, is played by Juniper Gattone. Elaine, the love interest of Mortimer, is played by Olivia Budd and Dr. Einstein is played by Lexi Bishop.
There will be three shows of this performance. The first performance will be on Friday, November 18th at 7:00 PM, and the other two performances on Saturday, November 19th: one performance is at 1:00 PM and another is at 7:00 PM. Tickets to these shows will be on the West Morris Central website, and will also be available for purchase at the door.
The Central Theater Program welcomes a new director this year, Dr. Agostin, who is also a special education, English, and theater arts teacher at West Morris. “The introduction of a new director has made a really fun environment for the cast and definitely filled the void that was left by the departure of past directors. She has great ideas and I’m excited to work with her in the future,” said Kim Butynes, a junior actress in the play.
Be sure to come out to West Morris to see the fall play! “I think it will be a good time” stated Dr. Agostin. “It’s good for this time of year, fall and Halloween-time”.