Student of the Month: Pride

Michael Finlay is a freshman at West Morris Central. So far, he is really enjoying his first year. His favorite class is algebra and his hardest is history. As for extracurricular activities, he participates in football and lacrosse. When he was home with an injury, he preserved and got all of his work done which is one of the many reasons he thinks won the award. Congrats Michael! 


Blake Libert is loving his Sophomore year, meeting new people, and learning tons of new things! His favorite class is Chemistry. He loves learning about chemicals, atoms, atomic equations, and more. He thinks it’s fascinating. His hardest subject is Algebra 2 the class is very fast-paced but he is doing his best. He is involved with chess club, jam club, ski club, marching band, baseball, and Swimming. He was surprised to win the award but it was definitely well-earned. He is respectful and always reaches out for extra help. Advice he would give would be to pay attention, do all your work, treat your teachers like a good friend, be nice, and work hard. Congratulations Blake! 


Dakotah Hubbard is a Junior here at West Morris Central. Dakotah feels junior year has been pretty good so far but definitely challenging. Dakotah is enjoying her year as she is making many new friends along with her favorite classes being Calculus Applications or English. Dakotah’s hardest class this year is AP/IB Physics 1. She finds the subject really interesting, but the work is difficult. Dakotah participates in a lot of extracurriculars such as a variety of clubs,  such as highlanders for Humanity, archery club, book club, literary magazine, Red Cross, REACH, Relay for Life, Sarah’s PALS, International Cultural Arts club, and history club. She also is a second violinist in both the orchestra and symphony and a peer tutor. Dakotah is very busy! She was surprised to hear that she was a student of the month but believed it was well deserved considering how many clubs and activities she is involved in. Dakotah’s advice would be to have goals to reach for because they make difficult tasks easier to get through and give you the motivation to get through them. However, it is important to maintain a balance between schoolwork and having fun with friends, and participating in other non-school-related activities that you enjoy. Congratulations Dakotah!


Nolah Barillas Reyes is a senior at West Morris Central. Nolah says senior year is somewhat hard but nothing too challenging. She is taking very interesting classes this school year as her favorite class is Ceramics 1 with Mrs. Najjar, but also enjoys ESL class (English as a Second Language) with her teacher Dr. Jacobs. She expresses she loves the teachers she has along with her classes, although her hardest subject is Entrepreneurship and Architecture. Nolah enjoys her classes but also her extracurriculars as well. She participates in the Diversity or I.D.E.A club with Mrs. Ellsworth and enjoys making crafts in her free time. Nolah believes she won the reward for the respect she shows her teachers and believes it is important to not give up and focus on your goals. Great job Nolah!