Andrew Tate Arrest and Investigation


Andrew Tate is a controversial social media influencer, as well as a businessman, and previously, a kickboxer. He has a past of owning suspicious and untrustworthy companies, with one accused of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women. This company was an online adult service, where users would speak with women, who worked for Tate. Tate was arrested in Romania on December 29, as part of an investigation on this matter, along with his brother, Tristan. He was arrested as a result of accidentally exposing his location to Romanian authorities through a Twitter video. He is currently in detention in Romanian prison, and his incarceration has been extended multiple times.

The video which got Andrew arrested was a response to an ongoing argument with Greta Thunberg. He taunted her, using a pizza box from a local restaurant, which happened to reveal he was still living in Romania. This ended up backfiring, as the Romanian Police tracked him down, using the pizza restaurant’s location. Authorities arrested him, along with his brother a couple days later.

The DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism) has so far identified six victims who claim they were sexually exploited by Tate and his group. Tate was originally supposed to be held in prison for a few days, but this was later extended to 30 days. This time period continues to be extended. His release was supposed to be on February 27th, but now, it will be at least another 30 days until he’s free. Judges increased the brothers’ detainment periods, stating that the brothers have had “permanent psychological control over the victims.” Their release dates could easily continue to be changed, extended, or shortened.

Tate continues to tweet from his account, despite being in prison. Tate, or someone else close to him, has found a way to tweet during this time, expressing Tate’s feelings towards his incarceration, and giving updates to his condition. He’s tweeted about the low quality of the prison, with cockroaches infesting the area, along with lice and bedbugs. With him denying all accusations against him, he claimed that he’s “being held in custody to make [him] mentally ill,” until he admits to his wrongdoings.

There is still lots of information to be revealed regarding this case. More and more details will be released over time, including his potential sentencing or release date as it develops, and more of what Tate says online during his detention.