Who Will Win The Bachelor? Corinne or Raven…

Madison Donaldson, Assistant Webmaster

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The hometown dates have come and gone and the final approaches. With four girls left, one being Rachel who was just picked for the Bachelorette next season, there are three left. Will it be Corinne, Vanessa, or Raven?


Since pretty early on, Raven and Nick have had a great connection and have spent a lot of quality alone time together. She is a sweet girl, she has a great personality, and her and Nick’s     attraction to each other is undeniable. Raven has a good heart and a fun personality, Nick likes how fun she is and enjoys his time with her.

The episode before hometown dates, Nick handed out one rose before the ceremony to a girl he was sure he wanted to go to hometowns with. He decided to give Raven the rose and i think this was really important because this shows that out of everyone he knew he wanted to go meet her family. Raven seems like a really genuine person, unlike some other girls it is clear she is there for the right reason. She is there for Nick and nothing else, she does not involve herself with drama between the other girls, or jealousy.


I think Nick is going to have va very hard time choosing the winner. All the girls left are great girls that he has a really good connection with. I think Raven is the most realistic pick for him. After hometowns him and Vanessa’s relationship isn’t looking well, her family brought up a lot of good realistic points that prove they are not ready. We already know that Rachel is the next Bachelorette, so we know that she does not win. And finally Corinne, I think everyone can agree that we do not understand how she is still there! Although she can be funny, she has rubbed everyone the wrong way since day 1 and i don’t think anyone can see Nick ending up with her. At the end of the day Raven is the perfect girl for him and I think they would be able to make their relationship work in the real world.

Partner- Elizabeth Jasek

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