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8 Reasons Girls Worry About Prom

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It’s crazy to think that prom is roughly ninety days away! The West Morris Central Prom is hosted forty minutes away, at Birchwood Manor in Whippany, New Jersey. Prom starts at 6pm and lasts until 11 p.m.

Prom is an unforgettable, beautiful, and amazing night. However, some guys do not see the stress and pressure girls endure before prom.


  • Not Having A Date.


One of the most stressful things leading up to prom is looking for the perfect date. Whether you don’t want to go without a date because you don’t want to be alone in pictures, you are the only one in your friend group without a date, friendless, or solely for the promposal itself.

Almost all girls want a date for prom, and almost all of those girls will do anything to get one – from hinting to the guy they like to forcing their closest guy friend to go with them.

Junior Isabella Ramina stated, “Probably one of the most stressful days I’ve had in awhile. But I have a date now, so it’s all good,” regarding her promposal.  

There is nothing wrong going with your closest guy friend or talking to a guy and making plans to be each other’s date. On the other hand, it would not be a bad thing to let things happen and see if a guy asks you. Or better yet, ask a guy yourself, like our Features Editor Lauren Gunning did.


  • Finding The Dress.


One of the main purposes of prom is allowing a girl to go shopping. Buying a dress is a huge deal and a big part of the prom experience. Thus, some girls get stressed out, while others become super excited.

It stressful for girls to pick a dress and figure out where to begin. Where should I shop? What kind of style do I want for the dress? What color? How much should I pay for a dress?

Answers to each question will vary based on personal taste and style. Prices of prom dresses differentiate based on the store you purchase the dress. Some stores to consider are Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, Lulu’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Windsor.


  • Making Sure you Don’t Get the Same Dress as Someone Else.


Seniors tend to go prom dress shopping in advance, in order to call “first dibs” and avoid losing their dress to the juniors and/or seniors that have similar tastes.

It’s a constant problem – not only finding your perfect dress and then having to return it, but the embarrassment and drama the girl who bought the identical dress first may cause.

To avoid this issue a Facebook group is created every year for juniors and seniors to post and “claim” their prom dresses. Search “WMC prom dresses 2017” and send a follow request to be accepted.


  • Then The Dress Not Fitting by Prom.


Most girls purchase their prom dress between the months December and March. The question is, will the dress fit by June?

One of the most stressful things for a girl is worrying if a piece of clothing will fit by the time of the occasion. Prom is a huge deal to some girls and stressing over the size of the dress is ridiculous. Why not wait until May to buy a dress? Why not make the dress your motive?

Kirsten Whittemore, a senior, bought her dress in November and stated, “It motivates me to work out and eat better to make sure it does fit.”

“Personally I believe people should wait to buy until January but I don’t worry about it not fitting as it sets a goal for the year,” claimed by senior, Kiersten Muccione.


  • Organizing a Table with Friends.


Boys have it easy when they bring a girl: they don’t have a choice in where to sit. It’s almost always the girl’s decision, and with that comes the stress of forming the perfect table.

Roughly eight people are seated at one table, which means there could be four couples, eight friends, or a mix of both.

We eliminate friends of friends, friends we don’t care for, couples we don’t like together, etc. to form a group of friends everyone feels comfortable eating in front of.

The upside to all of this is, a minimal amount of time is spent actually sitting at the table between all the pictures, singing, and dancing.


  • Mother Nature not Cooperating.


The way you style your hair has a lot to do with the weather that day. On a hot and humid day, girls typically panic because the hairstyle they had chosen months in advance is turning into a frizzy, sweaty bird’s nest.

Although this is a very common stressor amongst girls, it is also very much avoidable. Heat-protectant hair products can be quickly applied before creating your hairstyle, and there are many anti-frizz products that can be purchased at a reasonable price.


  • Where Are Prom Pictures?


After spending so much time getting dazzled up, it’s time for prom pictures with your friends. Let’s be honest, guys do not think nor care about where prom pictures are. As girls, we figure out where they are and tell them to be there at a certain time. It is crucial to have the perfect place for an Instagram-worthy picture with your date.

Discuss with your friends that plan to go to prom, whose house has the nicest view and landscape. Decide on one friend’s house, let your group of friends know where prom pictures are, and pray for beautiful weather.


  • The Total Cost of Prom.


From the cost of the dress, to the hair appointment, to the shoes, to the transportation, to the makeup appointment, to the boutonnière, and to the jewelry, prom becomes very expensive. Prom is a special occasion, but is it that special to drop hundreds and hundreds of dollars?

Most girls are talented at doing hair and makeup, so find a friend that would be willing to do that for you. That saves you at least $60 and you’ll look just as good as a girl that had it professionally done.

Also, you can borrow a prom dress from a friend or neighbor. Some girls believe spending hundreds on a dress you wear for 5 hours is ridiculous, so why not borrow a dress and save money for something else?

Prom is only as pricey as you make it. Save money or spend however much you want to make you happy!

Overall, prom is an amazing night spent dancing, singing, taking pictures, and making great memories. Prom is just one night and no reason to freak out to the point you do not want to go anymore.


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8 Reasons Girls Worry About Prom