Bunnies, Egg Hunts, and Chocolate- Easter


Easter is a major holiday celebrated by many that share the same religion. Many associate bunnies, eggs, and candy with Easter, but what’s the connection?

According to History.com, bunnies symbolize new life thus connecting to Christianity’s most important holiday, Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny evolved in America within the 1700’s from German settlers. Still to this day, a fluffy bunny puts a smile on childrens’ faces.

Eggs are a huge part of this holiday. For example, people will dye eggs and host an egg hunt or an egg rolling party. A Christian’s perspective believes that eggs symbolize Jesus’ emergence from the tomb. People would paint and dye their eggs to celebrate the ending of Lent since they were a forbidden food during Lent Season, according to History.com.

However, there is no significant connection between egg hunts or egg rolling and Easter Sunday. It is a fun way to get little children involved to celebrate Easter.

Similar to the egg, the jelly-bean has the same shape and it symbolizes Jesus’ resurrection.Thus, many people connect jelly-beans to Easter and over the years a variety of candy is purchased for Easter.

Lent originated from the word Lencten, which means “spring.”

Depending on personal beliefs, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday or Clean Monday and ends on either Holy Thursday or Holy Saturday. It lasts a total of forty days, not including Sunday’s, because each Sunday is considered a mini-Easter.

People that partake in Lent often give up something they are better off without or volunteer in order to give more to others.

We sent out a survey to fifteen West Morris Central high school students and asked about Easter and Lent.

One hundred percent of the students that filled out the survey celebrate Easter, while only forty-three percent take part in Lent.

On Easter Katie Stager, freshmen, travels to her Aunt’s house.

Junior, Catherine Stingle, visits family and goes on an Easter egg hunt.

West Morris Central junior, Jeffrey Dargel, gave up gatorade in honor of Lent, and so far it’s been a success.

Every Easter Lauren Gunning, senior, spends time at her grandmother’s house and for Lent her goal is to pray more.

Melissa Menagh, junior, replied to our question regarding Easter plans, “For the past couple of years I have had a volleyball tournament but I used to go to church and have a big Easter egg hunt with friends and families in my backyard.”

Brian Hunt, junior, stated, “I go out to dinner with grandparents.”

The connection to Easter goes beyond egg hunts and chocolate bunnies. It is a day to spend time with family and relatives to celebrate your beliefs.