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Farewells From Students To Teachers

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Ava Travis “I try to get along with everyone I meet, try being the word to underline since life doesn’t

always work that way. There are plenty examples of this in school here at WMC. The teachers are a good

example of this, there are plenty of teachers I either don’t know or don’t like. But there are also a lot of

teachers here that I do like, regardless of how others see them. Ms. Hidden, Mr. Hildreth, and Mr. Laden

are some of my favorite teachers, though they treat me more like a friend than a student at times. They are

some of my favorite for many reasons. For Ms. Hedden it’s how she is in general. Her teaching style and

overall personality in and out of class is awesome to me. She’s one of the few teachers that contributes to

my crazy ideas or enjoys listening to my strange interested. I still talk to her now even though I’m not

longer a student of hers. I consider her to be my friend more than mentor.Mr. Hildreth is some information

still talk to now as well. I loved his class and how easy it was for me to excel in his class. He’s one of the

few teachers who will comment off my jokes and puns with more jokes and puns. I enjoy hanging out in his

class and the discussions on history I had in that class. Mr. Laden’s class, for me not everyone, was a lot of

fun. Minus the essays I had to write. His personality and energy was always fun and interesting to me. It

made each class different from the last. I recently started talking to him more, after he noticed how bad of a

day I was having. I certainly miss that class.Anyway these are just a few of the teachers I care about and

like in this school. It’s only A bit of what I think of them, but it’s enough. I hope this all makes sense.” (edit

for length)

Jack Dunn “Dear Mr.Patalla throughout the years i’ve had you as a teacher i’ve grown closer to you and

even have developed a brotherly love, thanks for everything. Keep on skirt skirting the purple jeep


●Mark Maroney “Dear Mr. Geddes, You’ve made my highschool experience the best it could be. I love you

and I’m definitely buying it. To the chillest teacher i know and a good friend.”


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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Farewells From Students To Teachers