It’s Hopping in C135

As I drearily walked into Environmental Science on Monday morning I was delighted to
find a tiny little grey ball of fur bouncing around in the back of the classroom. One of my fellow
classmates wrapped the bunny in a towel in case she decided to leave a present as Mr.
Lawrence said and sat at her chair. Mr Lawrence had given our class as well as the other
classes specific instructions to ensure the bunny was being held the entire class period to
ensure she would adjust to people and develop a liking for them. He also informed us that we
would eventually even be putting her on a leash and taking her with us on our project
adventures. Throughout class our bunny, who was promptly named Fluffakins by the boys of the
class, was passed around so that everyone would get a turn holding her. Finally, in the final five
minutes of class I was given Fluffakins and as I held her she nestled into my arms, occasionally
looking up at me with a tiny twitchy nose and big brown eyes, climbing up my chest with her little
paws. However Fluffakins does get a bit sassy, at times squirming around in people’s arms and
nibbling on their fingers in hopes she’ll be able to escape and hop around freely in Mr.
Lawrence’s classroom as she’s sometimes able to do so long as the rooms clean, as she does
need her exercise. However it’s important Mr Lawrence says that we stay focused on the class
and not the bunny as if the bunny starts to become a distraction we’ll have to say nye to
Fluffakins, and as difficult as that may be we all do our best to stay focused despite the adorable
and fluffy bunny next to or even on us. Ryan Arndt described Fluffakin’s as “having eyes like a
starry night sky” while Ali Roland said “he’s like a cute little snowball.” If you’re interested in
getting a Fluffakin of your own Mr. Lawrence said he got it in “Vineland New Jersey from a
hobby enthusiast who had babies.” I am fortunate enough to be able to see Fluffakins in class
but if you don’t have Mr Lawrence I’d highly recommend stopping by C135 to see Fluffakins
hopping about.