Welles Crowther’s Moms Upcoming Visit

Welles Crowther's Moms Upcoming Visit

A story of bravery, selflessness, and courage describes the
story of Welles Crowther. For West Morris seniors, the summer
reading book this year was The Red Bandana by Tom Rinaldi. It
details the life of a young man who grew up in New York and


had always aspired to be a firefighter. While working in the
World Trade Center, Welles was in his office when the terrorist
attack of September 11th happened. When the plane crashed
into his building, Welles business suit came off, and his fireman
suit came on. Welles spent his last minutes of life bringing
others to safety. He went and got a group of people and led
them to safety, and then returned back to rescue more.
Unfortunately for Welles he lost his life while saving others, he

was one of the 2,996 innocent lives taken that devastating day.
This summer reading book was not like most summer reading books.
It interested us senior students and connected with our emotions. While

reading the sections about 9/11 I could not help myself but shed a tear and
grieve for the family and friends of those lost that day. None of us knew
who Welles Crowther was before we read this book, and now we will never
forget the story of his heroic last acts. His mother is due to visit and speak
to us on September 29, I’m sure for many students as well as myself,
hearing her speak of Welles will pull at our hearts.
West Morris senior Nicolette Satmary said “i’m really excited to hear
his mom speak, but it will definitely be very upsetting”.
For the first football game this year, the theme was red white and
blue due to the fact it was the weekend before 9/11. To honor Welles and
his story we wore red bandanas to the game. Welles was known for always
having a red bandana with him, and that is how the people he saved

identified it was him. For his mother’s upcoming visit, there are red
bandanas being sold for $2, and the proceeds will go towards the Welles
Crowther foundation.

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