Should West Morris Central get Air Conditioning throughout the Whole School?

Recently, it has been very hot out, and the temperatures have been high, especially for being
Fall. Because of the heat, students at West Morris Central are spending the day in hot
classrooms. Most of the classrooms in the school are not air conditioned. The only air
conditioned rooms are in the H-wing, E-wing, computer labs, and the few classrooms that have
been redone throughout the years.
There are some students who have to spend a large percent of their day in extremely warm
classrooms, without any air conditioning. Many people have complained about the heat and
that they tend to get sweaty, and even dizzy because they are spending such long periods of
time in such hot rooms.
“I like how the E wing and Library have air. It is cool and I enjoy working in those areas, but then
I leave those classes and go into the A wing and F wing and it’s torture because it is so hot.”
Megan Kuhles says, expressing her feelings towards the temperature in some classrooms.

Many teachers are also expressing their hatred towards their insanely hot classrooms. Some of
the rooms have gone up to 90 degrees and even higher. Not only does the heat negatively
affect the students learning, but it interferes with teachers’ ability to teach. Some teachers
even bring their students into the library because it is air conditioned and gives the students a
more comfortable environment to work.
“I think that being in a room that is so hot and humid not only makes it difficult to teach but it
also makes it hard for students to learn.” Mrs.Ade explains.
This then leads to the question, should West Morris Central High School invest in central air
There are many ways that central air conditioning will help the students during their learning
time. For instance, learning in a comfortable environment allows students to be more focused
on the actual topic they are being taught rather than focusing on the temperature in the
classroom. Comfortable environments help students level of concentration because when it is
too hot, the body tries to find a way to cool down and the brain is not concentrated on the
actual work.

Although air conditioning will help the students focus and benefit everybody in the school, it is
also very expensive. Having to hire people to put the air all throughout the school will cost a lot
of money that the school may not have. It also takes a lot of time to put it throughout every
single classroom. Also, that means the school will be using more electricity which will cause the
electric bill to rise.
Although students and teachers complain about their discomfort in very hot classrooms, West
Morris Central does not have central air conditioning. Students struggle focusing in high
temperatures and teachers struggle with teaching. Central air conditioning would be an
addition to the school that would satisfy both students and faculty, but is very expensive. The
decision is ultimately up to the administration, and the Board of Education, and whether or not
they are willing to make the investment. Let’s see if they take this idea into consideration for
the future.