Second Base Was Not The Only Thing Red Sox Stole

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Second Base Was Not The Only Thing Red Sox Stole

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On August 18th in Fenway Park, the 116 year old feud between the Boston Red
Sox and New York Yankees came to a head.
According to MNS News, the Boston Red Sox used Apple Watches to illicitly
steal the Yankees’ catcher’s signs. In more detail, Boston Red Sox training staff would
look at their Apple Watches before pitches. The trainer then would give a signal to the
players in the dugout, who would then relay this message to players on the field to let
them know what pitch was being thrown.
Stealing signs is allowed in The MLB, but not with the assistance of any
electronics or binoculars. However, it is confirmed that the Boston Red Sox received
information on their Watches and replayed that information to their players.
Senior and Yankees fan, Mike Harris, stated, “Red Sox can’t win on their own so
they resort to stealing signs. If they were actually good and had talent, they wouldn’t
need to know what the other team is about to do…They are a bunch of cheaters. As bad
as the Patriots. I guess it’s a New England thing.”
“Personally I think it’s all false and that the Yankees are just trying to make an
excuse for why we are in first place besides our pure talent,” claimed senior and Red
Sox fans, Brian Hagopian.

John Farrell, coach of the Boston Red Sox, was aware of his players stealing
signs from the New York Yankees. However, he denies his acknowledgment of his
players use of technology.
“I think the Red Sox should be fined,” said by neutral fan and senior, Cordell
Similar incidents have occurred in the past. In 1951 the San Francisco Giants
used telescopes to steal signals and in 1997 the New York Mets were accused of using
cameras. Additionally in 2011 Phillies accused of using binoculars. However, none of
these incidents resulted in punishment.
It is unclear if any penalties to be assessed against the Boston Red Sox.

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