Will America be Competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics?

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Will America be Competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics?

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The 2018 Winter Olympics are just around the corner and many are wondering if American athletes will be participating in the games due to the fact that they will be taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Tensions between North Korea and the US have been rising, causing many to worry for the safety of American athletes who will only be about 211 miles away from the unpredictable country. Even though there have been many concerns about the safety of Americans going to Korea, the United States Olympic Committee has voiced that they have full intentions of sending US athletes to compete in the games.  

Sophomore Cate Lawrence gave her opinion on the questioning of the participation of the US in the 2018 Winter Olympic games, “I think they should participate because it is a global event. Fear should not be a factor in participation because it is such a high profile event”.

Junior Maddie Shiembob also gave her position on the topic saying, “I think they should still participate and not let conflicts with North Korea interfere. However, I think the team should be alert and take cation since there are tensions between North Korea and America”.

The US has only boycotted one Olympic Game ever before, the 1980 Games in the Soviet Union. However, one country has already decided to boycott the 2018 games, France. France made the decision to sit out the upcoming games due to the fact that their athletes were not guaranteed safety and the escalation of North Korea’s atomic missile program.

Overall, America has obtained 96 golden medals in the Winter Olympics. One sport very widely known for getting multiple gold medals is Snowboarding. In this sport, the snowboarder’s feet are attached to a board, similar to a skateboard, without wheels. The snowboarder then goes down a slope and does tricks and talents on their way down. Another popular sport, USA has won gold in, is, Freestyle Skiing. In this sport, the skier can do flips, spins, and other skills, when jumping off a hill. Another form of skiing would be Alpine Skiing. This is where the skier, goes straight down the hill, at a high speed.

Figure Skating is another sport America has own gold in. In this sport, the skater does spins at a fast rate, and puts on a performance for the waters. There is also Speed Skating, unlike Figure Skating, Speed Skaters race and don’t do skills. In addition, Bobsled has been won gold. In this sport, teams of two or four teammates, are put in a gravity powered sled. They race down ice tracks with all sorts of obstacles. As well, as Bobsled, another team sport America has won gold in, is Ice Hockey. This is a contact sport, played in an ice rink, with a puck, and hockey sticks.

There is also a sport America has won gold in, that is not very well known, this sport is referred to as Skeleton. This sport is similar to bobsled, except there is only one person, on a old fashioned sled, going downhill on their stomach. This sport can be very dangerous, and scary, considering there is only a helmet as protection and a slim suit for protection, and the cold.

We asked, WMC’s students which they would most likely watch, summer or winter olympics, out of 15 students here is the data collected: 9 students voted for summer, and 6 students voted to winter. Next we asked which sport they would most likely watch for winter olympics after listing a few, here are their responses: 4 students voted for bobsled, 5 voted for snowboarding, 3 voted for figure skating, 5 for skiing, and 0 for speed skating. This makes each of the questions very close with responses. We look forward to the upcoming Olympics, and wish America best of luck.

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