Be Committed and Commit to College!


Senior year is always an important time during a student’s high school career. It is the year of all the “lasts”, applying to colleges, and committing to colleges. Committing to college is a huge decision that many seniors need to make, since it determines where they will be spending the next years of their life. For people may feel like they are struggling with choosing a college, here are some tips and important aspects to consider when deciding on a college.

To begin, it is crucial to choose a college where you feel comfortable. There are so many colleges all over the country, located in many different areas. It is important for you to decide what area makes you the most comfortable. Some people would like to live in the city, while others are looking to stay in the suburbs. Because of this, you need to know what you want and where you feel the most comfortable.

The size of the campus is an important factor as well. While some people enjoy small colleges with less people, others may enjoy large colleges with many people. It is all based on your personal comfort level. When choosing between colleges, it is important to consider the size of the college and your personal preferences.

If you are looking to do clubs or activities, make sure you know the different types of clubs each college provides. If you want to do something specific, make sure you have the ability to be involved with that activity before you commit to the college. If you are looking to do Greek Life, make sure the college you want has good sororities and/or fraternities. Student life is important when it comes to college, so it is important for you to have a variety of options, and to make sure that the college offers the activities that interest you as well.

Once you have considered the factors stated above, you then need to consider which college fits you best. It’s important to remember that all colleges are different and every student has different ideas of their “ideal college”.

Committing to college is always a very important time and a very big decisions that a senior needs to make. Some students may have trouble with choosing the best college for the. It is all focused on your personal needs and wants as a student, and what colleges offer the things you are looking for. Once you figure out what you truly want, and need in a college, figure out what college provides the most of those, and which college you feel most comfortable in! By following the tips mentioned, you can easily decide which college is best for you!