Winter Storm and Cold Front Hits Across East Coast

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It has been colder in Long Valley these past few days than it has been in Antarctica and Alaska, something many people would not expect. The frigid cold temperatures and snow has tremendously impacted the East coast this week. With this cold front, it was even snowing in Florida! Most people go to Florida to escape the cold and snowy winters, but this year they are not escaping much. Something known as the “Bomb Cyclone” hit the East Coast this week bringing with it bitter cold temps, lots of snowfall, icy roads, and strong winds. If you are extremely confused as to what a bomb cyclone means, here is a definition to better understand. rapidly deepening extratropical cyclonic low-pressure area. To enter this category, the central pressure of a depression at 60° latitude is required to decrease by 24 mbar (hPa) or more in 24 hours.

Many southern states such as Florida rarely ever experience cold and snow like they have these past few days. Temperatures in the south have dropped to 30-40 degrees. Up until this week, the cold has not been too bad, but with temperatures now plunging below 0 in the north, being outside for longer than a few minutes is unbearable. The snowfall, icy roads, and sidewalks forced schools to close and drivers to stay home to avoid the dangerous road conditions. For many towns and counties, this marked the first snow day of the year, and for several counties they got more than one snow day. The powerful winds made visibility extremely poor outside during the snowfall, creating just another risk for drivers.


The coming few days have even more snow in the forecast for the East Coast, reaching up to 6 inches in Morris County. This could cause even more school delays and closings and could create, yet again, icy and dangerous road conditions for all drivers. A winter weather advisory has gone into effect until Wednesday, January 17. It has certainly become a cold and snow filled winter for the East coast. Stay inside and keep warm, and do not forget about your pets too. In winter conditions like this, it is very dangerous for pets to be outside for longer than a few minutes. It is important we keep our pets safe and warm as well as us.


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