How Do Martial Arts Benefit The Body?

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How Do Martial Arts Benefit The Body?

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Many people growing up play team sports such as football, baseball, and basketball. Few, however, know about or participate in Martial Arts. Since it is not a sport that is offered at most schools, it is not as popular. However, martial arts are very beneficial both physically and mentally, and more people should consider getting themselves involved.

To begin, martial arts hold many benefits to physical health. A lot of training goes in to keep your body fit. Many of the exercises during training focus on specific areas of the body, some such as: core exercises like sit-ups and planks, arm exercises like push ups, and leg workouts like leg-lifts. Aside from the building of muscle, martial arts also focuses on the heart and cardio, during training many have to jog.

Martial arts is also a great way to increase flexibility. Stretching is a great way to improve flexibility levels, which is done a lot during training. When doing kicks, it is important to get your kicks up high, so constantly doing kicks will increase the flexibility in the legs. Martial arts also allows you to work on flexibility while training, which is something most sports do not do.

Martial arts allow people to not only get physically fit, but mentally as well. Physical health is very important, and what most people believe are the main benefits of sports, but with martial arts, you become mentally healthy as well.

Self discipline is a very important aspect within life. It’s important to be able to focus on yourself, and be able to show responsibility, and do things on your own. Martial arts allows people to focus on their self discipline. It is important to be able to manage time, and use your time efficiently. In many types of martial arts, it is a necessity to be able to work on your own for some time, without being told what to do. In relation to this, martial arts also allows people to understand discipline in general. For younger children, especially, they need to learn how to follow rules and understand the importance of obeying authority. This idea is emphasised and taught during martial arts training

All aspects in martial arts lead to one main idea… respect. It is probably the most important part of martial arts. When training, you need to be able to respect not only your instructors, but also the others you are training with. Respect makes up all of martial arts. It is important to work with others efficiently in order to help them and yourself improve. You need to be able to follow instructions once they are told, and do so in a timely manner. Without respect, martial arts would not be as beneficial.

To conclude, there are many aspects of martial arts that benefit the body physically and mentally. Not only does it make you physically fit, and provide you with skills such as balance and muscle strength, it also allows you to improve mentally. It teaches you self discipline, confidence, and respect. Martial arts are a great way to exercise and improve your mental and physical health.

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