Upcoming Elections In Italy Could Spell Disaster for the E.U.


The upcoming elections in Italy have made the Mediterranean nation the focus of much political debate within Europe, and more specifically, the European Union.  The primary concerns of Italian citizens heading into the final month of campaigning are the constant influx of African migrants, the economic instability in the nation, and its poor treatment within the European Union.

By far the most influential ideas of this election continue to be the issue of migrants and the economy, as has been the case elsewhere throughout Europe. This has been the leading reason behind the immense failure of Italy’s left to gain popularity this election season. The liberal government and party leaders that just a couple years ago were leading Italy are currently holding on to what little support still remains, their support sits at just 27% currently. The failure of Italy’s liberal parties has translated into success for the conservative parties that have vowed to form a grand coalition. This coalition consists mostly of Forza Italia, the traditional conservative party, the Northern League, a right wing secessionist party with roots in Italy’s industrious North, and to a much lesser extent, the Fascist party of Italy. Together, this coalition has the support of 37% of Italian voters.

Although 37% is not enough for a ruling majority government, the possibility still exists should the newly formed and extremely popular right wing party, Five-Star, join the coalition. The Party Five-Star is a populist party that has become an overnight sensation in Italian politics and is the leading single party in Italy, and the second largest political entity after the conservative coalition is combined into one. The Five-Star has the growing support of 28% of Italian voters which remains a greater share of support for the entire liberal coalition.

The reasons behind the success of populist parties in Italy is deeply rooted in the current migrant crisis that has shaken up European politics. Italy has a huge issue with illegal migrants that flood the nations shores from across the mediterranean in Africa. This has lead to instability within Italy, as other European nations such as Austria and France have refused to allow the illegal migrants from entering their borders from Italy.

In addition to migrants, Italy has another big issue, their economy. Ever since the global collapse in 2008, Italy has failed to completely recover as its neighbors to the North have. Their increasing debt and struggling economy have given many Italians the idea that they need a stronger government that won’t allow their nation to fall behind like it has in recent years.

Finally, the last major topic that has Italy, and Europe, at attention  is Italy’s frustration with the European Union. Although Italy was a founding member of the EU, they have grown to resent the bloc, as they have repeatedly been brushed aside by France, the U.K., and Germany. This behavior within the bloc has sparked outrage in Italy, as many Italians are even pushing for the desertion of the Euro and the European Union altogether. This has become and particularly controversial subject in Brussels, as Italy remains a crucial economy for the EU, and any divorce with the union would spell compete disaster for the rest of Europe.

Continued frustration within Italy has transformed a population to become skeptical of the European Union. This has forced Italian voters t look for strong leadership which many find in the powerful populist parties that are rapidly spreading throughout Europe.