The Day in a life of a Sophomore

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We start off  by coming into school at 7:30 after being driven in by a parent. This is so we have at least 5 minutes before the bells rings to get ready, and maybe talk to a teacher






Some morning we come in early, to go to the library. So that we can study, prepare for class, and maybe print a project.







At 7:35 the bell rings, and we go to our first class. In this case, we had English first. Each class is 58 minutes long








Before lunch, we make sure to go to our locker, in order to change binders, and get a gym bag to prepare for our afternoon classes








Once lunch starts at 10:45 we make sure to get in line fast, so that we get the food we want. Some days it can take 15 minutes to get and pay for food








Our afternoon classes start at 11:33. In this case our first class after lunch was journalism








During our afternoon classes we get hungry since lunch is so early, and often get a snack









After journalism we change for gym. Currently in gym class we are doing project adventure








After gym and during other afternoon classes we often get thirsty. We have refilling and water fountains in different places all around the school








When the final bell rings at 2:35 we head out the doors to the buses waiting to take us home


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