Chromebooks, Worth It Or Not?


By Dan Wall, FreeLance Writer

Many people, especially the seniors, are saying that the chromebooks are unnecessary. Multiple students stated they would have prefered the school put the money into a better resource, such as A/C. But, the freshman and underclassmen say that although A/C would be nice, the chromebooks are worth it as students use them on a daily basis. Even though teachers believe chromebooks are helpful, they can be a distraction during class as students can easily avoid their school work.

Senior Rachel Greenberg said, “A lot of my friends, including myself, did not want chromebooks because we already have computers and would prefer A/C, but after talking to some teachers we realised it would be difficult to have A/C in the whole school.”

In regards to the current situation of half days due to heat, teachers have complained of the lack of A/C, and some preferred A/C over chromebooks, but that it is still worth it to have ever student having a chromebook to do work.

There is also the argument that if the school is willing to spend so much money on these chromebooks, then why didn’t they get all new chromebooks for everyone? Instead, now some students have broken ones that were destroyed by previous classes.

The teachers and tech staff could not give me an exact estimate, or any estimate at all of how much money the school actually spent on the chromebooks. But anyone can do the math, it is about $300 for one new chromebook, and there are around 175 new chromebooks in the school. That gives a very rough estimate of around $52,500 on the new chromebooks. Mind you these numbers aren’t exact, but they are estimates from my own research and estimates from the staff and tech prices.

On top of that, there is also an extreme amount of money going towards the turf installment that could have also been spent on A/C.

All in all, the school gave all students the chromebooks that are efficient and work well. Not only that, but they supplied a turf field that could help improve and advance sports teams. Would A/C have been nice? Yes, but is it really needed? Not necessarily when you can wear tank tops and shorts for the short period of heat.

There is another factor as to why we did not get A/C, which is the undertaking that goes into putting the A/C into the building. But overall, the chromebooks were worth it and students can use them in class and out of class at home to do homework, or any other kind of school work.