Studying Abroad

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Studying Abroad

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Studying Abroad is a well-known college program but in 2012, only 300,000 students chose to study abroad. That’s only 2%! Studying Abroad enriches the college experience in so many ways and I’ll tell you why. 

The best way to learn about a new culture is to experience it for yourself. 

Reading about a culture is great, but gaining second-hand information about a place is not nearly the same as experiencing it for yourself. Books can only tell you so much about the people, the food, and the overall atmosphere. It is crucial to truly understand it, especially for studies regarding linguistics. 

Experience Learning Differently

Studying abroad is different from a vacation in the sense that you will still be learning. The learning experience in this country may be completely different than the one you’re used to, which can be a great thing. Being introduced to new ways of learning never hurts.

Develop a new form of Independence

While college is already a great way to develop self-reliance, living in a new country with a few friends (or maybe with the goal of making new friends!) is completely different as the atmosphere is entirely foreign. You will have to learn to rely on yourself in ways you may not have had to before. This newfound independence is a great thing to learn and take back home. 

Great Opportunity to See the World

Most people go on a job hunt right after college since they are now able to obtain a higher paying job. This doesn’t leave much room for travel, so studying abroad is the best solution for doing both! Studying abroad looks great on a job resume and it allows you to travel while also fulfilling school credits. 

Why Don’t More People Study Abroad?

The main reasoning behind why many students don’t study abroad is the cost. The average cost for one semester abroad was $17,785 which is a lot in general but on top of the cost of attending a school in the U.S. is nearly impossible. Many colleges realize this though and try to ease the cost of studying abroad through grants, scholarships cheaper destinations, etc. 

In conclusion, a monetary value can not be put on the experience of studying abroad.

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