Shootings In America Today

Shootings In America Today

The clear rise in mass shootings has drawn attention to the apparent holes in the laws and regulations concerning firearms. These holes, although seemingly inconsequential, have paved the way for killers to freely act upon their obsessive urges. America has found itself split, with one side of the population feeling that the second amendment must stay strong and powerful, while the other feels that stricter gun laws would make our schools and the general public safer. As we find ourselves again at a crossroad, the answer seems increasingly harder to agree upon.

A common belief, no matter the stance one has on guns, is that mental health plays a huge role in a majority of mass shootings that take place in the US. According to the Los Angeles Times, from 1900-2017 59% of the shooters responsible for the last 185 mass public shootings have suffered from a severe mental illness. Many of these shooters are undiagnosed, or off of their meds, and are suffering from severe symptoms caused by their illness.

“The hardest part to understand was kids killing kids””

— (Students accessing the aftermath of the Columbine shooting)

Although, realistically, it is not their fault they suffer from these horrible ailments, a clear problem is how they are purchasing firearms. It is truly scary how easy it is for an American, over the age of 18, to get their hands on, not only a gun, but an automatic rifle. And without more thorough background checks, we will continue to see attacks, and we will continue to mourn the deaths of hundreds every year.

It is odd how Americans fear shootings, yet provide no support, or actions towards changing the present situation. According to ABS News, 6 out of 10 people fear a mass shooting in their community, and 58% believe stricter gun laws would result in a safer environment. 76% feel that the monitoring and treatment of mental health would lower the number of shootings drastically.

No matter the reason, no matter the illness of the shooter, mass killing is a large problem in our broken society today. Innocent lives are being taken to protect a law that allows these killers to commit horrifying acts. A change in gun laws and regulations must be struck, and agreed upon, or we will continue to allow our fellow Americans to die.