The One Where Mr. Crews Leaves


Mr. Crews’ decision to not return to his classroom in A136 after winter break came as a shock to not only all of the students in his classes but to all of the students at West Morris Central. He had started off the class period with a story. He told his class how he got into teaching. It was not his planned profession; he actually started off as a tech guy and then accidentally stumbled into the world of education. Mr. Crews loved to reminisce with his students so this storytime was not surprising. He finished talking about the past and his face flooded with the present. He announced to all of his students that he would not be returning after winter break. They didn’t know that while he was dwelling on the past that it was out of mourning. After teaching for over 10 years at our school, Mr. Crews announced to his class that he had decided to embark on a new journey outside of the school. He impacted nearly everyone who was lucky enough to be in his classes.

When asked about how she felt about Mr. Crews leaving, Kyra Conover, a student in his period 1 IB-SL English 4 class responded “It’s different. I really liked his class a lot. He was a cool teacher and taught a lot of cool things so I liked his class but at the same time, I feel like its a lot better for his health to not be here with everything that was going on. He was under a lot of stress, so I feel like it’s better that he’s just doing his thing.” Also in his first period English 4 IB-SL class, Kelly Pawlak said she is “really going to miss his class. He always had a lot of interesting topics to talk about.” Alli Corwin, also a senior in his period 1 English 4 IB-SL class also had a close relationship with Mr. Crews. ” I’m really sad Mr. Crews left. He was like my best friend. Me and him used to talk about the Adirondacks a lot because he liked hiking and I really liked hiking. He was very understanding of any issue I ever had.  He tried to work with his students, not against them and for him it wasn’t about grades, it was about learning.”

Finally, Alexa Olejar, a student in his seventh-period class said she is “very sad about it. I love Mr. Crews. I think he’s a great teacher and all his students respected him and liked to hear what he had to say during class.” 

Mr. Crews was an outspoken teacher with knowledge beyond the curriculum to share with his students. To say he was eccentric in the best way possible would be an understatement. His class was arguably one of the most entertaining and engaging classes that many students have had throughout high school. His man bun and wise words will never be forgotten by any of his students at West Morris Central.