Red Ribbon Week!

Monday October 4– Mental Health Monday- Wear Green for self-care.

Tuesday October 26– Wear Red to pledge to making good choices and being drug free. 

Tuesday October 26– We will be hosting a speaker, Nick Beam (Manager, for DROP (Deliberate Reduction of Opioid Prescribing for RWJ-Barnbas Health), who will share his story of recovery to educate students on the dangers of substance use at lunch.  

In addition to the themed days there will also be: Daily morning announcements with respect related quote/challenge.  There will also be various campaigns running at lunch to promote each of our weekly themes.  

Zen Zone- is open during lunch and several other periods during the day.  Some of the themed sessions during the month of October will infuse:  How to respond to conflict, respectful communication, response vs. reaction and empathy and compassion as tools for managing stress. Staff will also be working with individual classes and teachers to continue teaching how mindfulness can assist with health, academic concerns and emotional wellbeing.   With Red Ribbon Week happening I wanted to add this brief Substance Abuse Policy-Review for anyone that is interested in reading about the policy and current trends!