Spirit Week (9/27-9/30)

Spirit Week (9/27-9/30)

This fall’s Spirit Week will be held next week after our WMC’s day off for Rosh Hashanah. There will be a different theme each day, as well as an accompanying lunch event held by Student Council. Each class will earn points throughout the week based on the number of students who participate in the themed days, who raises the most money during their lunch fundraisers, and their respective standings in the Tug of War competition that will be held at the Spirit Rally on Friday. The winning class will be announced at the rally, and a trophy will be awarded to them. The trophy will be on display in the Main Office in honor of the winning class.

The themes and events for each day are as follows:

Tuesday, 9/27

Theme: Class colors
– Freshmen: Gray
– Sophomores: Columbia blue
– Juniors: White
– Seniors: Navy blue

Event: Free throws from the three-point line in the Main Gym

Wednesday, 9/28

Theme: USA Day

Event: Pie-a-Teacher in the courtyard

Thursday, 9/29

Theme: Decades Day
– Freshmen: 60s
– Sophomores: 70s
– Juniors: 80s
– Seniors: 90s

Event: Cornhole Tournament in the Main Gym

Friday, 9/30 (Activity bell schedule)

Theme: Pink Out for breast cancer awareness (Homecoming shirts preferred)

Event: Spirit Rally