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Andrew Messaritis

November 12, 2019


“I got Diabetes when I was in fifth grade, which is ironic because we found out that I had it the day before Halloween. Now that was unfortunate timing. But the reason we were able to catch it was because my brother was already a diabetic and had been for years. He had all the equipment to detect if someone has high blood sugar, which my parents got suspicious that I did because I was using the bathroom very frequently throughout the day. They said that they thought my blood sugar was high and luckily we wouldn’t have been able to detect it if I hadn’t just eat a piece of chocolate. My blood sugar had gotten right back to normal levels within hours of going off high. When they first took me to the hospital they didn’t believe I had Diabetes because my blood sugar came down. Then when they told me to eat something, and when I did my blood sugar did spike up, which confirmed it. The fact that we caught it so early was really impressive. “ (Andrew Messaritis, Sophomore).

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