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Lydia Stepanenko-Athlete of the Month
Lydia Stepanenko-Athlete of the Month
Lia Nowak, Sports and Entertainment Editor • April 16, 2024

Lydia Stepanenko is a senior at WMC, and due to her outstanding achievements thus far in the track season, Stepanenko has been nominated for...


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2024 Total solar eclipse photos:see images of rare celestial event
Witnessing the Rare Solar Eclipse!
Riley Mastriani, Staff Writer • April 16, 2024

On April 9th, 2024, an amazing natural phenomenon occurred that captured the country’s attention as the moon passed directly between the earth...

Disney Cancels Christmas...or did they?
Disney Cancels Christmas...or did they?
Lia Nowak, Staff Writer • November 30, 2023

On October 17 2024, Mouse Trap News published an article that claimed Disney World will cancel their Disney celebration in December 2024. Obviously,...

Logos of the NFL and its sports book sponsors
Unjust Punishment: A Criticism of The NFL's Gambling Policy
Michael Ruppert, Staff Writer • October 17, 2023

The NFL’s gambling policy has recently faced more scrutiny after the year-long suspension of former Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley. Ridley...

mental health and wellness at work; tips
Help Is Everywhere
Riley Mastriani, Staff Writer • April 16, 2024

Mental health in schools is a serious matter that affects not only students but teachers and guidance counselors as well. Within our school,...

Influencers Influences on Teenage Girls
Influencer's Influences on Teenage Girls
Julia Busch, Staff Writer • March 22, 2024

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, stop. I love this influencer. They’re pretty. They have a lot more than me. I wish I were them. This is the...

We Regret to Inform You as published by Knopf Books for Young Readers.
"We Regret to Inform You" Isn't Really that Relatable
Dakotah Hubbard, Editor-in-Chief • April 5, 2024

“We regret to inform you…” is the phrase that haunts seniors’ nightmares during the college admissions process. After all of the hard...

The beaches of Fiji, where Survivor 46 takes place. Photo by Jon-Eric Melsæter from Oslo, norway, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.
Survivor’s “New Era” Continues with Season 46
Dakotah Hubbard, Editor-in-Chief • April 3, 2024

The forty-sixth season of the CBS reality series Survivor aired with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. For the first time,...

Fantastical Betrayal
March 22, 2024
Photo Credit to NCAA
Clark Leads Iowa to the NCAA Championship Game
Tori Wehmeyer, Staff Writer • April 10, 2024

The 2024 NCAA Division 1 Women’s Basketball Tournament brought a lot of positive attention to women’s college basketball and allowed many...

South Carolina defeats Iowa in the Womens March Madness
South Carolina defeats Iowa in the Women's March Madness
Chloe Schlipf, Staff Writter • April 9, 2024

On Sunday, April 7, 2024, the South Carolina Gamecocks beat the Iowa Hawkeyes 87-75 to win their third NCAA women’s championship.  The...

2024 Superbowl Predictions
2024 Superbowl Predictions
February 11, 2024
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