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Seniors of 2020: Victoria Tafe

“ My high school experience was probably something I am going to look back on with the utmost gratitude! I have to say that I had such a great time in high school, despite the few rough patches I faced. WMC was a place I was able to go in order to feel safe and accepted by my peers, and my teachers especially. The staff at WMC is incredible and definitely contributed greatly to my overall experience over the past 4 years. I also got such an amazing education that will set me up for success later in life, no matter the path I choose to follow. From freshman year all the way to senior year, I’ve learned so much about balancing my time, my work, and my extracurriculars which will help me SO much throughout college!Something special that WMC provided that helped me with my education throughout high school was all of the extra help opportunities from either teachers or other students. I was really struggling with the content in my math class throughout the beginning of my junior year, and without the peer tutoring program that I got help from, I don’t think I would have understood it to the extent that I did or do as well on my own for the rest of the year! This program is so amazing for students who get nervous asking their teachers for extra/outside help but still need it. WMC has definitely shaped me into the person I am today, not to sound too cliche. During my freshman year, we lost one of my closest friends, Sarah Crowley, to cancer and it was extremely hard to recover from as individuals, and as a grade. But WMC staff did everything in their power to let all of us know that we are not alone, and helped us come together as a school to be strong for one another. That is definitely something that showed me the kind of community I am a part of and made me proud to forever be a part of the wolfpack! I learned by example to be there for others in times of need and learned how to show them you love them. I don’t think that if I had been anywhere else during those difficult times, I would have come out with the positive mindset I have now, and I don’t think my love for helping others would be nearly as strong. Thank you WMC!” 

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