Central Volleyball on the Hunt Again


For the WMC Girls Volleyball team, 2018 was a year that their players will never forget. The girls won another county title, and took their talents to states. Central worked their way all the way to the championship game against Northern Highlands. Teamwork and commitment was the motive for the team, who eventually won the state title. 


Olivia Falzarano, a senior on the team, shared her experience of that moment of triumph. “It was so amazing and so unreal to win states. I always knew that we had the potential to win states, but in the moment it was amazing.”


Even though the girls have lost some great players, that hasn’t phased them one bit. Jessica Ziemba is also a member of the girls team. “The team has been working really hard, we have been really resilient because there are a lot of teams that want to beat us this year.” 

The team has been working hard since tryouts, trying to be the best they could be. Falzarano says, “We have definitely pushed ourselves this year to be able to meet last years successes”. 


The team is once again lead by head coach Jim Ballela. ““If I could describe him, it would be selfless. He pours all of his time and effort into our team. He is a great coach, and he pushes us to our fullest potential,” Olivia also said he is one of the best coaches she has had in her athletic career.


The girls have started the year out as planned. They know there will be challenges, but the team is ready to overcome them. “This is one of the grittiest and resilient teams I have ever been apart of,” says Ziemba. “We are just a family doing what we love everyday.”