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Stop Being Bugged by Eating Bugs!

Stop Being Bugged by Eating Bugs!

Lily McMeen, Staff writer March 16, 2021

Don’t like the idea of eating bugs or just bugs in general? You’re not alone: a bit under three-quarters of the world’s population don’t eat bugs and around 25% of people have a fear of insects...

Image of Amanda Gorman Reciting at the Inauguration from Politico

Young Poet Rises as She Raises the Nation

Hailey Onweller, World/US News Editor February 3, 2021

On January 19th, Amanda Gorman went to sleep with 10 thousand followers on Instagram: on January 21st, she woke up to 2.3 million followers. The words this Youth Poet Laureate spoke at Biden’s Inauguration...

A brighter 2021 with West Morris Staff!

A brighter 2021 with West Morris Staff!

Basil Iacampo, Director of Web Services + Staff Writer January 11, 2021
Click here to learn more about the resolutions of some of our teachers!
2020 Fashion Trend: DIY Fashion

2020 Fashion Trend: DIY Fashion

Kristen Hedworth, Staff Writer January 8, 2021

All the time spent in quarantine in 2020 has left everyone with nothing but time on their hands, and this year many teenagers took to making their own clothing to pass the time. DIY clothing has been around...

The Unfinished Race by Kylene Cochrane was written to tell athletes that they are not alone in their battle with injury

“The Unfinished Race”

Lizzie Rubright, Head Sports Writer January 6, 2021

Kylene Cochrane is a 2014 graduate of West Morris Central and a 2018 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. From middle school all the way through college, she ran track and cross country. Cochrane...

The menace himself.

Frosty the Snowman: Merry or Menacing? See If You Can Find Out Over All This Onomatopoeia!

Julia Zeman, World News Staff Writer December 18, 2020

Sure, we all know that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is uncomfortable on the subject of consent, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” implies that Santa is laying the groundwork for a surveillance state,...

The Best Peppermint Holiday Treats!

The Best Peppermint Holiday Treats!

Kristen Hedworth, Staff Writer December 14, 2020

While walking around places like Target and Walmart this holiday season, I noticed a bunch of new peppermint themed sweets that a variety of different companies have it out in recognition of the holiday...

In many parts of the world, items like face masks and hand sanitizer are added to Christmas decorations to add some lighthearted humor to this crazy year. Image by Hailey Onweller.

Christmas Around the World Looks Different

Hailey Onweller, World/US News Editor December 8, 2020

The United States is entering its ninth month with COVID restrictions, and while the world has learned a lot about the virus, there is lots of uncertainty on what the holidays will be like. Country to...

Waterfall at Schooley's Mountain Park, frozen over.

Safely Connecting with Loved Ones over the Holidays

Sarah Garcia, Staff Writer December 4, 2020

This holiday season, many people will likely not be able to celebrate with their loved ones as they usually do. Luckily, there are still many ways to safely connect with family and friends!  As the...

Holiday Sustainability

Holiday Sustainability

Analise Draghi, Co Editor-in-Chief December 4, 2020

Although the holiday season is a time for giving and being with family, it’s also a time of great waste. According to Nathan King, a sustainability program manager at Virginia Tech, Americans throw away...

Battle of the Christmas Cookies

Battle of the Christmas Cookies

Gabriella Nowak, School News Editor December 4, 2020

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Lights, decorations, trees, music, Starbucks cups, and of course, the beloved Christmas cookie. But what is the one tried-and-true favorite cookie that everyone...

From my family to yours — Happy Holidays!

Haul Out the Holly: The Iacampo Family Decorates for Christmas

Basil Iacampo, Director of Web Services + Staff Writer December 4, 2020
One of our oldest family traditions is preparing our house with Christmas decorations. Click here to see our 2020 rendition of them!
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