West Morris Central’s Newest Faculty

Photo credits: Maddie Lamb

Photo credits: Maddie Lamb

West Morris Central’s Newest Faculty

A new school year means new faculty, and this year West Morris Central welcomes 10 new educators. The Paw was lucky enough to get to interview all 10, so if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet them yet, keep reading to find out more! 


Ms. Siefried, covering a leave replacement in the special education department! Photo credits: Ms. Siefried

Ms. Siefried

Fun Fact: She has visited 28 states!


TCNJ graduate, Ms. Siefried is covering a leave of absence here at West Morris Central. Three years ago she covered a maternity leave in the same position and now she is back!  In college she achieved a dual major in STEM and Special ED. Here at WMC she will be teaching Technology Education to special education students. When asked what inspired her to become a teacher, she said  “I was a nanny for a kid with down syndrome all through high school and working with him gave me a passion for working with kids with special needs.” Her favorite part about working here are the people and the constant support from everyone. While here at WMC, Ms. Siefried will help oversee the robotics club and the STEM club.  She also hopes to involve herself with Unified. Outside of school she loves to water ski, cook, and learn martial arts. Welcome back to West Morris Central!          


Mr. Konopka, one of the newest additions to the history department! Photo credits: Mr. Konopka

Mr. Konopka

Fun Fact: He can play the guitar


Mr. Konopka is a New Jersey native and attended High Point High School. He received his undergraduate degree and first masters at Fairleigh Dickinson University and his second masters at Montclair State. In high school he was a three sport athlete and most of his coaches were also his history teachers. They helped inspire him to become a teacher. Additionally, he says “In high school was when 9/11 took place and as a young teenager I realized I didn’t really understand the world which drove my interest to learn about things going on outside of my regular life.” One of his favorite things about WMC is how friendly the students and staff are. He already volunteers with the boys soccer team and is looking to get involved in as many ways possible. Outside of school, he is a lover of all things sports and country music. With COVID restrictions declining he is very excited to attend more sporting events and concerts. Welcome to West Morris Central!


Madame Bilong, one of the newest additions to the language department! Photo Credits: Madame Bilong

Madame Bilong

Fun Fact: She is a huge soccer fan and attended the 2014 World Cup in Brazi


Madame Bilong is a new French teacher here at West Morris Central and she also splits time with West Morris Mendham. She is originally from Cameroon, Central Africa. She achieved her graduate degree at University in West Africa, and then moved to the United States where she got her masters degree at Rutgers. In 2008 she decided to become a high school teacher after teaching at the college level for several years. Her father was an elementary school teacher and a school principal and he inspired her to become a teacher. So far her favorite thing about WMC is how “dedicated the students are to their studies.” In her free time you can find her entertaining and cooking for all her friends. She also loves listening to music. Welcome to West Morris Central!

Dr. Jacobs, one of the newest additions to the language department! Photo Credits: Dr. Jacobs

Dr. Jacobs

Fun Fact: Her husband is a pastor in Long Valley


Dr. Jacobs is the newest addition to the Spanish department here at WMC. She grew up in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania and is no stranger to snow. She received her undergraduate degree from West Virginia University in English and Spanish. In addition, she received her masters in teaching at Spalding University and her PHD at the University of Louisville for curriculum and instruction. Growing up in a family of professors she says that, “Education is in my bones.” Dr. Jacobs loves being able to help others and play a prominent role in her students’ lives. In her free time she loves to go on walks and hikes and spend time with friends and family. She has a 16 month old son, so when he gets a little older she hopes to get involved more at WMC with either cross country, track, or swimming. Welcome to West Morris Central! 

Dr. Orel, covering a leave replacement in the English department! Photo Credits: Dr. Orel

Dr. Orel

Fun Fact: She lived in Alabama for 4 years! 


Dr. Orel is originally from Millburn, New Jersey. After high school she attended Stanford University where she majored in English/creative writing. Then she earned her doctorate and PHD at the University of Pittsburgh. Most recently she earned her masters in arts and teaching from Drew University. Here at WMC she is a leave replacement in the English department. When asked what inspired her to become a teacher,  she says, “I have always really wanted to be a teacher.” Prior to teaching she was a journalist and editor where she interviewed lots of students and loved being with them. Before coming to WMC, she taught theater and writing at the college level. Her favorite part about West Morris are the students because of how bright and enthusiastic they are. She would also love to get involved with drama or journalism here at WMC. In her free time she enjoys playing the Irish fiddle, baking, and she is also a theater credit! Welcome to West Morris Central!


Mr. Kattoura 

Fun Fact: He is a decent cook!


Mr. Kattoura grew up and spent most of his life in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. He attended William Paterson University where he majored in history/secondary education. Currently, he is a leave replacement in the History department. When asked what his favorite part is about West Morris Central he shares, “I have been blown away by the overall culture here. Everyone really lives up to having P.R.I.D.E. in the pack!” In his free time he loves relaxing with family and loves food. At West Morris he hopes to get very involved and help out wherever he can. Overall, he wants to get more involved in the community as well. Welcome to West Morris Central! 


Ms. Hennessy

Ms. Hennessy, the newest addition to the guidance department! Photo Credits: Ms. Hennessy

Fun Fact: Loves to watch football and is a huge New York Giants Fan! 


Ms. Hennessy is the school’s newest guidance counselor. Growing up she attended Morris Knolls High School. Then, in college she earned her undergraduate degree at Rowan University for history and sociology and earned her masters at Temple University in counselling and psychology. She says “As a student I always really valued having a strong support system in the school.” This inspired her to become a counselor so that she would be able to offer that support to students. Before coming to WMC she was a college success coach at Temple University. This allowed her to work with high school students in Philadelphia to help them earn college credits during their senior year. Outside of school, she has a passion for working out, reading, and going to the beach. She was recently named as one of the R.E.A.C.H coordinators and is hoping to  get involved with the swim team. Welcome to West Morris Central! 


Mr. Jeros

Mr. Jeros, the newest wellness counselor, and his family! Photo credits: Mr. Jeros

Fun Fact: He played collegiate football! 


Mr. Jeros is the new wellness counselor for WMC and WMM. After high school he first attended Ramapo College; however they were dropping their football program so he transferred to Marietta College in Ohio to play collegiate football. He earned an undergraduate degree in public relations, bachelor’s degree in arts and public relations, and a masters degree for arts and education. He also received a masters of science and school counselling from Walden University. Prior to school counseling he coached football at collegiate and high school levels. In his own words, “Football coaching has always been a certain level of counselling.” After coaching college ball he became a certified peer recovery specialist, which means he would work with patients who had an overdose or intoxication and try to do an intervention. Mr. Jeros loves Long Valley and WMC so much that he moved here so that his kids can attend WMC when they grow up. While at WMC he hopes to get involved with the bowling club and many others. Welcome to West Morris Central! 


Ms. Critchley

Ms. Critchley, one of the newest additions to the special education department! Photo credits: Ms. Critchley

Fun Fact: This past summer she traveled to Tennessee and New Hampshire! 


Ms. Critchley is a Long Valley native and attended West Morris Central High School. Like many students at WMC she also attended Cucinella Elementary School as well as Long Valley Middle School! After high school she went to Montclair State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English and masters degree in teaching. At WMC she works in the Special Education department and is split with WMM. When asked what inspired her to become a teacher she said that “I really had a lot of amazing teachers when I came here to Central.” At WMC she looks forward to getting involved as much as she can. Outside of school she loves to spend time with her family. She is the youngest of 5 kids so she has a huge family and whenever she can she tries to spend as much time as possible with them. Welcome to West Morris Central! 


Mr. Iantosca

Mr. Iantosca, one of the newest additions to the special education department! Photo Credits: Mr. Iantosca

Fun Fact: This is his first year as a teacher!


Mr. Iantosca grew up in Mendham, New Jersey and attended West Morris Mendham High School. In college he studied music production and performance at SUNY Oneonta. He also attended Montclair State University and received a masters degree in Teaching and Special Education. He is a new teacher in the Special Education department. Hey says, “I am very excited to teach at WMC and support students from the community.” Welcome to West Morris Central! 



From everyone at West Morris Central we are so excited to have you here. Welcome, new faculty!