PAWsitivity Flowers


To wrap up the school year, the Pawsitivity Committee is creating origami flowers! These flowers will be placed around West Morris Central every Friday during the month of May. 

This idea originated with WMC junior Ben Houser and the Pawsitivity Committee. Earlier in the school year, the committee created a board with positive messages for the WMC community. However, Houser hopes that these flowers will be more accessible throughout the whole school so that everyone can see them  throughout  the day. They will be in easy to access and popular places like the outside of lockers or in the bistro. Houser views them as, “small origami flowers that have cute little notes to bring more positivity around the school.

During the pandemic, Houser learned origami because he was bored. Now, with the help of the committee, he is able to use his hobby to spread happiness. All the messages on the flowers are supportive, such as  “keep on going” or “you got this.” Houser says the overall goal of the board is, “to bring people smiles, as a little smile can go a long way.”

The hope is to continue the origami next year! He reveals, “There was talk about doing this again during the Fall and Winter. I brought up the idea about doing snowflakes in the winter!”

Be sure to try and find the flowers on Friday!