WMC Mourns Loss of Google Classroom



This school year, West Morris Central switched from using Google Classroom and Powerschool Learning to Canvas as their main learning platform. The idea behind this change was that it would be easier for the students to have all their assignments in one place instead of two. Despite the positive intentions, the new adjustment has elicited many different reactions.

Jake Biondolillo




Student Name: Jake Biondolillo

Grade: 12

“I think it’s an improvement over powerschool, but there’s a learning curve to it. We have to adapt to it and we’re just not there yet.”



Paytyn Crisp



Student Name: Paytyn Crisp
Grade: 10
“I think Canvas would have been good if we started high school with it, but it’s been really hard to transition to. It’s really hard to understand how it works because we never learned the basics and they just threw us into it and hoped for the best.”




Matthew Montgomery



Student Name: Matthew Montgomery
Grade: 10
“My opinion on Canvas is that it is not good, I don’t know what’s going on and I can’t find things.”





Katie Dore (left) and Olivia Cancel (right)



Student Names: Olivia Cancel and Katie Dore
Grade: 12
“I hate Canvas because it doesn’t work.” Dore added, “And it always glitches.”







Leo Baron



Student Name: Leo Barron

Grade: 12
“Canvas took a little bit of getting used to, but I like it now and it’s starting to get easier to use.”




Gina Briganti



Student Name: Gina Briganti
Grade: 10
“I liked Google Classroom much better.”





Michael Ferry



Student Name: Michael Ferry

Grade: 11

“I think Canvas is bad and we should have stuck with classroom. I understand that they use Canvas in college, but high school would be a lot easier if we just stuck with Google Classroom. I think the administration needs to find a different platform going forward.”




Kailey Sinko



Student Name: Kailey Sinko
Grade: 12
“I love Canvas because it is so organized. The to-do list makes it so much easier to do my homework.”





Hayden Scotti



Student Name: Hayden Scotti
Grade: 11
“I don’t like Canvas, I think it’s very difficult to work with, and Google Classroom was much easier to access.”