Snack Shack


The Snack Shack is back for another successful year at WMC. Like last year, it is located in the cafeteria and is run by the students in the Transitions Class, Worked-Based Learning (WBL), ASPIRE program, and the STARS program. The Shack helps the students practice exchanging money, customer relations, filling orders, stocking, and other important employability skills while being able to interact with other WMC students.

The Snack Shack hopes to have its grand opening in early October. It has been planned that they will sell “a rebranded snack that will be exciting for the students,” says Mrs. Jaross, an advisor of the Snack Shack and the District Work Based Learning Coordinator at West Morris. The Snack Shack also will offer gift cards so that students don’t need to bring cash on them in order to purchase a snack. Different from last year, the Snack Shack now sells Sunny D and they plan to expand on their drink options even more.

The general goal for the Snack Shack this year is to meet the needs of customers and to provide a variety of snacks- sometimes seasonal. The Snack Shack hopes to offer new skills this year for the students who run it. “We’d like to introduce an airfryer at some point,” stated Mrs. Jaross.

Two students who work at the Snack Shack, Aidan Pisone and Sara Azam both said that some of their favorite parts of working at the Snack Shack are working with their peers and interacting with their fellow WMC students. They said that the best selling snack was the cup of noodles.

Although the first grand opening of the Snack Shack last year was very quick, it was a big hit in the WMC community to be able to purchase food in the afternoon during the periods when the cafeteria isn’t open. “We were very grateful for the interests of the students,” said Jaross.

Since last year, leadership of the Snack Shack have looked for ways to improve in terms of the students and the customers as well.