Another Successful Season Begins for WMC Unified


WMC Unified is back in action and ready for another successful soccer season! 

Although what was supposed to be their first game of the season was unfortunately canceled, that did not stop Unified. The members of the Unified soccer team obtained an amazing first victory against Mount Olive on Thursday, September 29th. 

There are a couple of changes to the Unified team this year, one of the most notable ones being that the club is under new student leadership. Seniors Drew Pisone and Scott Van Woert are the co-presidents of Unified this year. Additionally, senior Ben Houser and Aidan Pisone are taking the roles of soccer captains for this soccer season.

Unified has also decided to give out a Wolf of the Week award as a part of the club this year. The Wolf of the Week will go to a player that has proven to especially embody the Unified message and has consistently attended practices and games. Unified’s first Wolf of the Week was Shaeleigh Fleidner-Book. Congratulations, Shaeleigh!

Already having won their first game, Unified is off to an incredible start to the season. West Morris Central is looking forward to following another successful Unified soccer season this fall. Good luck, team!