From Soccer to Basketball – Unified Athletes Enter a New Season


The 2022 Unified Soccer season has officially come to an end. The team played a thrilling game against select WMC staff members on November 16th, bringing the season to a wonderful close.

Not to worry, WMC Unified is still in action this winter! The team is preparing to move into their basketball season this week. Coach O’Toole and Coach Buchanan are planning for a rather heavy game schedule this season. Both the athletes and coaches always look to have as many fans at their games as possible, so they are hopeful that a packed season will attract larger crowds.

In addition to a packed game schedule, The Unified basketball team will also be taking on the teachers in their highly anticipated Student vs. Staff game this winter. Coach O’Toole is also hoping to host an Alumni Game where former Unified athletes and partners could come back to play the current Unified basketball team. 

WMC Unified certainly has a lot in store this winter, from regular season basketball games, to the exhilarating Student vs. Staff game and possibly the addition of an Alumni Game. Best of luck to the team as they enter their 2022 basketball season!