Elon Musk Update


Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, a lot of things have changed about the app, including how it’s run, the staff team, and the verification system. Since last month, a lot has happened with Twitter and its headquarters, and as a result, there’s even more to report on than last time. (previous article)

Many users haven’t enjoyed or supported Elon Musk’s Twitter, and they find a lot of his decisions to be ineffective or unreasonable. Starting with Twitter’s staff, many people were fired from the job, which initially occurred the day of Musk’s purchase. Some of the long-working members, as well as other workers were fired in large quantities, totalling to over half of the team. More recently, he gave his remaining workers an ultimatum, saying that they will work long and intense hours, or leave the job. All of this has resulted in many employees being overworked, and many losing their jobs. Musk even commented on this on Twitter, saying “the best people are staying.”

There have also been changes in which accounts were suspended, as well as whose voices are heard. People like Donald Trump, Alex Jones, and more had their accounts reinstated on the platform, leaving lots of mixed opinions. In addition, those who haven’t purchased Twitter Blue, or otherwise aren’t verified for their authority/notability, may have their voices silenced. Despite Musk’s efforts to let everyone’s opinions be heard, regardless of their beliefs or views, those who are less popular or authoritative may be pushed out of the way, or even “shadowbanned.” If someone’s shadowbanned, it means that their tweets are secretly silenced and pushed off of people’s timelines.

On somewhat of a better note, verification is now receiving an update in an effort to fix some of its main issues. Users who are verified on Twitter will now have one of three different colors, indicating their authority. Gold checkmarks indicate an official business account, gray checkmarks will indicate government/multilateral accounts, and blue checkmarks will indicate Twitter Blue subscribers. These changes are all to combat the main issue of this subscription service, which was unintentionally encouraging impersonation. Through these improvements, Twitter Blue may be more well-received, and will hopefully be utilized for its true intentions, which are the perks given from the service.

Overall, the recent changes regarding Twitter’s staff team, those that are unsuspended, and the new verification system, all have mixed reviews. Ranging from criticism on how the app is run, to behind the scenes with workers, the public mostly has negative opinions on the current state of Twitter.