Michigan Shooting


On February 13, 43-year-old shooter Anthony Dwayne McRae entered Michigan State University in East Lansing, killing three and injuring five. He was later confronted by police outside of campus where he then shot and killed himself.

After the incident, all classes were canceled for the rest of that week, and students were moved to separate buildings from where the shooting happened. Later, students and other supporters protested against gun violence at the Michigan State Capitol, resulting in lawmakers assuring gun control changes.

On February 13, 2023, at 8:18 PM, shots went off on campus. Staff members at the university sent an alert to students, with a shelter-in-place occurring shortly after. The shooter, Anthony McRae, went into Room 114 in Berkey Hall and opened fire into the classroom. Seven students were hit, including two named Arielle Anderson and Alexandria Verner, who suffered fatally. Teacher Marco Díaz-Muñoz attempted to hold the door shut while some of his students evacuated through broken windows, and others tried to help their wounded classmates.
Another student in Room 135 was also shot. It was estimated that the police arrived 10-15 minutes after the shooting.

McRae left Berkey Hall, then entered the MSU Union building, where he shot and killed Brian Fraser, with five others being injured between both locations. He then made it toward the campus border, and East Lansing residents near campus were instructed to shelter-in-place as well.

Minutes after multiple calls were made, authorities coordinated an arrival with hundreds of officers, along with other emergency services. About 30 firetrucks, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles arrived.

At 11:35 PM, Anthony McRae died of a self-inflicted gunshot, as police found him later while off campus in Lansing. Police found that McRae was carrying two 9 mm handguns, eight to nine loaded magazines, and fifty rounds of loose ammunition.

Three were killed and five were injured, with all eight victims being Michigan State students. The three killed were Arielle Diamond Anderson, Brian Fraser, and Alexandria Verner.

Alexis Dinkins, a sophomore student at MSU told Detroit News “We don’t feel safe anywhere,” as she stood beside fellow students on campus.