Brutal Attack Against Kirra Hart

On March 14, Kirra Hart, a fourteen-year-old girl from Queensland, Australia was lured over to a classmate’s house and brutally tortured. Rhynisha Grech, 15, and Chloe Denman, 14, invited Hart to Grech’s house for a sleepover: however videos taken by Grech’s 13-year-old sister show the girls verbally and physically abusing the girl as she begged for them to stop. After four hours the girls walked Hart back to her house and told her mother that she had been jumped.
The videos were posted on Grech’s Snapchat story throughout the night, along with a video of Rhynisha herself after the incident, where she confesses to what happened and is even seen laughing about what she had just done saying “She was at our house, its Kirra, and we were just like torturing her for at least four hours straight. And it was funny.” The videos have been reposted on various Tikok and Instagram accounts where they soon went viral.
Photos were also released of Hart when she arrived back home and while she was in the hospital. These pictures show extreme bruising all over her body, swelling, especially in her face, and cuts.
People were rightfully outraged by the girl’s actions and former classmates and friends even began posting the girl’s addresses on social media. The girls were forced to move after this, however it didn’t stop people from vandalizing their abandoned residences. A recent video shows the remains of Denman’s house after it had been burned down. The broken windows and vandalism of the house shows the public’s rage over their actions.
The girls remained active on social media, especially Grech who amassed thousands of instagram followers and continued to deny accountability on her instagram stories. Grech’s parents have made statements of remorse for their daughter’s actions.
Luckily Hart was able to make a full recovery, but people are still demanding justice for her. According to Grech’s mother, Rhynisha was charged and arrested for the attack, but it is still unclear what will happen to the other two girls that were involved.