A Freshman’s Guide to Lunch


For every student at Central, lunch is the time of the day to talk to friends, study for tests, and of course, eat lunch; however, there are some things that all incoming freshmen should know before their first high school lunch experience.
Firstly, freshmen sit in the main gym or the bistro during lunch, sophomores sit in the aux gym, and juniors and seniors sit in the cafe. There is an unspoken rule amongst Central students that only seniors can sit on the stage in the cafe.
If you are buying lunch you should get it from either the line right in the bistro or the line on the ramp outside the locker rooms. Pizza, and chicken are served everyday as well as french fries, which Meghan Hammer, an upcoming senior at WMC calls “a great addition to your lunch meal, but only if they have enough salt on them.”.
Sophomore Abby Nasisi says that during lunch she likes to “spend time with friends and eat good food”.
Occasionally Central offers lunch time specials, such as build your own pasta day or waffle bar day. The lunch lines on these days are especially long, so make sure you get there first!
If you didn’t have time to eat breakfast, it’s no problem as Central offers a variety of breakfast options. Egg sandwiches with your choice of protein, muffins, hash browns, and coffee are all served starting at 7 am.