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WMC Prepares for Winter Storm Stella

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At the beginning of last week, WMC students and faculty had been buzzing over what the Board of Education would decide to do with our district’s unused snow days.  Now, with a snow day last Friday and an impending snowstorm looming, it’s questionable if we’ll even have any leftover snow days at all.  

It’s no secret that New Jersey’s weather has been a bit off this winter.  For the past few weeks, New Jersey has seen highs of nearly 65 degrees, combined with lows in the teens.  With these wide temperature ranges, the weather has been fairly unpredictable.

Due to the weather’s warmth and lack of snow, it seemed as if winter weather wouldn’t be a problem for the rest of the school year.  Because of this, individuals amongst our school’s community began discussing whether or not the Board of Education would reinstate our built in snow days.  Being that this very situation happened last year, the odds of getting our snow days back again seemed very realistic.

As the previously mentioned week went on, however, discussion shifted from unused snow days to actual-occurring snow days.  Sure enough, WMC had off on Friday due to snow. It wasn’t long before both students and faculty realized that the chances of having off Tuesday, March 14th, as well as potentially the following Wednesday, were probable.

According to, tomorrow’s storm, entitled Winter Storm Stella, has blizzard potential.  This nor’easter may bring us 1 to 4 inches of snow an hour, along with 40-50 mph winds and limited outdoor visibility.  The snow is predicted to start tonight, March 13th, at around 8 pm, and continuing to fall until tomorrow evening.  

All around the school, students and teachers are taking precautions.  Senior Olivia Fryer explained that her family was stocking up on as much food as possible, while senior Krystyna Constantino spoke of her parents making sure that their house’s generator was up and running.  In addition to this, faculty member Mrs. Gonzalez warned students to upload their IB assignments before the storm; if our town loses power, any IB candidate with missing assignments would practically be doomed, considering that our school is in it’s prime crunch-time for IB work.  

Will the snow storm wipe us out of school, or will we have unused snow days after all?  Only time, and the weather, will be able to answer that question, but for now, the only thing WMC members can really do is sit back and see what happens.  


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WMC Prepares for Winter Storm Stella