Cinépolis Gone Luxury


Connor Lagore, Lehigh Valley Live

The new Luxury Cinépolis after renovations throughout the summer.

The Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas has officially reopened in Mansfield with new upgraded features like reclining chairs in the dine-in theaters that will make the movie going experience even more enjoyable. 

The theater in Mansfield truly became worthy of being called luxury as each film screen contains world-renowned images and sound, and leather reclining chairs that are comfortable for the whole family. The reclining chairs provide viewers with the privilege of laying back and relaxing as they enjoy their experience at the movies with family and friends. With the new kitchen installed, customers can dine and lounge. Also, there are many items to order from the menu that can be hand-delivered during the movie. These new additions were in full effort to make the experience of the viewers more delightful. 

Before the renovations, there were many problems with the poor conditions of the theater and service, along with the seats falling apart. Cinépolis officially closed on March 6th, 2019, to start adding the new features that will bring back the family-friendly environment. They intended to use the summer to install the new additions such as the kitchen and announced that their soft opening would be on August 1st. On the first day of August, it was considered a soft opening so that new employees could have the opportunity to be trained, which included tickets to be only $6. Not long after the soft opening, the Cinépolis Luxury Cinema officially opened to the public and has been encouraging families to come to enjoy the experience. 


With the new opening, it was expected that there would be drastic changes to the prices as a Luxury Cinema. As before, the ticket prices are still the same where child and senior tickets cost only $8 each, and the adult ticket are $9.75 each. The kitchen provides many select choices that accommodate movie watchers that are gluten-free or vegetarian. But there are some major alterations to the prices of the food and beverages. Cinépolis’ official menu shows that the prices have increased while the proportions did quite the opposite. For a large popcorn, it costs $9.75, but in reality, it’s the size of what the medium popcorn use to be. The price of water is also shocking, as it costs $6.50 for a bottle. In addition, the price of candy is $5.25 per box. There are many more problems that came with the renovation. 

Although Cinépolis had the intentions of making the atmosphere more comfortable to enjoy the movies provided, there were various other problems that viewers had complained about. One of the main problems is that since there are reclining chairs, there are fewer seats available. This means that one would have to buy their ticket before arriving at the theater or take the chance of all the tickets being sold out. On the topic of reclining chairs, they do not have the button needed to order food during the movie, which may lead to a huge problem. The only opportunity to order food would be before the movie starts, but if one desires to get more food they would have to use the Cinépolis USA Mobile App or leave the movie and order. Service has also been an issue, as many complain that during the movie they are easily distracted by the employees coming in and out to deliver the food. Even though it may be seen as a minor issue, it could potentially ruin the environment of the movie. 

Apart from some minor setbacks, there have been a lot of additional features added in an effort to regain customers. Many rewards are offered by the movie company as they want to attract more people. Some promotions that were included when the theater first reopened was Cinépolis Handpicked and Cinépolis Magic Hour. Cinépolis Handpicked shares a classic film for the audiences every Tuesday. Meanwhile, Cinépolis Magic Hour includes tickets that are only $8, which goes on Monday through Thursday from two to five pm. However, Cinépolis Magic Hour only lasts for a limited time. 

The new Cinépolis Luxury Cinema can be located at 1965 Route 57, Hackettstown, New Jersey, and can be contacted at (908) 852-5960. To find out more information about the Mansfield Cinema, visit their website or download the Cinépolis USA Mobile App.