The New Faces Around WMC

This year, West Morris Central has eight new teachers. We are very excited for them to join us. If you have not had the chance to meet all of them, check them out!


Mrs. Berstler 

Ms. Berstler has previously worked as a substitute teacher, but this is her first teaching position. She got her undergraduate degree in English at Montclair State University is working on her masters degree in education at the College of Saint Elizabeth. She went to West Morris Central, so her favorite thing about working here is that she loves that she is “able to come back and give back to the community that [she] got so much from.” She is looking forward to seeing what school events are like from a teacher’s perspective. Fun Fact: Ms. Berstler was on the track team while she was here.


Ms. Crann  

Ms. Crann is originally from Blairstown NJ and is one of the new math teachers here at WMC. For the past 2 years, she had been teaching at The Academy of St. Elizabeth in Morristown, and is happy to be here! She comments, “I love how welcoming everyone is, both the teachers, staff and the students alike…It feels like home, everyone makes you feel so comfortable.” She is most excited to be apart of the “awesome school spirit” and attend the sports games here at WMC. Fun Fact: Ms. Crann has been to Australia twice.


Mrs. Daly

Mrs. Daly has taught at Mendham for 13 years, and is traveling between Mendham and Central this year. She teaches a piano class and does violin and viola lessons. She attended Montclair State and studied music education under Oscar Ravina of the New York Philharmonic. She enjoys doing community service and working with charities with the Chester Baroque Orchestra. Her favorite part of teaching here is working with and getting to know new people. She is most excited about the music department’s trip to Disney this spring. Fun Fact: Ms. Daly plays the violin professionally.


Mr. Gibbons 

Mr. Gibbons is originally from Miami, Florida and attended the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. He student taught at Glades Middle School before moving to New Jersey and teaching at West Morris Central. In addition to teaching band, he is the Marching Band director. His favorite part of WMC “is the students and the culture”. He looks forward to Friday nights and states that “there’s a fantastic amount of school spirit!” Fun Fact: Mr. Gibbons has lived in four states and is fluent in German. 


Mr. Kimball   

Mr. Kimball is from the Morristown area and has been teaching at Mendham for the past 3 years. When asked what he likes most about West Morris Central, he responded, “Probably just how easy-going and down to earth every one seems to be, from the kids to the students, to the faculty, to everyone.” While some students may know Mr. Kimball from sports, as he goes into his fourth year coaching soccer and third-year coaching basketball here, others now know him as their new chemistry teacher! Aside from getting to know all the new faculty, Mr. Kimball is most looking forward to having some of his players in class. Fun Fact: Mr. Kimball attended a high school by the beach.


Ms. Noone

This is Ms. Noone’s first teaching job. She graduated from TCNJ last year after studying art education. She enjoys teaching art in high school and believes that her students are “the next generation that’s gonna take art to the real world.” Her favorite part about teaching here is how connected all the students are and how she “constantly sees students helping each other out.” She is most excited about getting involved with as much as she can at school. Fun Fact: Ms. Noone is the youngest faculty member at WMC. 


Dr. Prokop   

Dr. Prokop is one of the new math teachers here at WMC and is originally from Bergen County. After moving to Morris County, Dr. Prokop taught at Mendham High School for many years. Since arriving at WMC, she is happy to be around a welcoming group of students, faculty, and staff. Aside from looking forward to “back the pack” Fridays, she is excited to get to know all of her students and be a part of our WMC community. Fun Fact: Dr. Prokop attended Montclair State University, and has also been President of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey. 


Ms. Wood   

Ms. Wood is currently working as an English teacher here at WMC while Mrs. Lobello is out on maternity leave. Ms. Wood attended Mendham High School, and after graduating from college, she traveled to Korea where she taught English for some time. She proceeded to do some student teaching at Mendham High School, and eventually found her way to WMC. Ms. Wood states, “Honestly, everyone’s just super nice here. The teaching community is great, the students have been super nice…” She is excited to be apart of the school spirit here at WMC and is most looking forward to seeing the plays that our theatre program has to offer. Fun Fact: Ms. Wood’s favorite movie is “The Prestige”.