Iranians Express Explosive Emotions on the 13th of Aban

Student protesters hold Down with U.S.A. flags to celebrate the anniversary of the Hostage Crisis.


Student protesters hold “Down with U.S.A.” flags to celebrate the anniversary of the Hostage Crisis.

40 years ago. November 4, 1979. Many Americans remember that day with a heavy heart. But on the 40th anniversary of that day, Iranians celebrated in the streets.

On November 4, 1979, Iranian college students stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran and took 52 American diplomats hostage for a total of 444 days, according to All hostages were ultimately returned home safely to their families in 1981. Nonetheless, Iranians saw the act as a stand against the U.S. and its unwanted influence in Iran.

This year, Iranians took to the streets to commemorate the 40th anniversary this day and to protest what they view as the US’s anti-Iran policies. According to, Iranians from all walks of life held “Down with USA” banners, burned American flags, and shouted anti-American chants. 

Iranians celebrate National Day of Protest against Global Arrogance in the streets. Abedin Taherkenareh/EPA-EFE

Celebrations of the hostage crisis in Iran aren’t unique to this year. According to the IRNA, every year on the 13th of Aban-which is the eighth month of the Iranian calendar, and is equivalent to November 4th in the Gregorian calendar- Iranians celebrate. Iranians also call the 13th of Aban National Protest Against Global Arrogance Day or Student Day, as a way to memorialize and encourage standing up against outside influence.

Protestors celebrated the 35th anniversary of the crisis by burning American, British, and Israeli flags. CBS News

Iranians celebrate with fervor each 13th of Aban. According to CBS News, Iran citizens celebrated the 35th anniversary by burning American, Israeli, and British flags. 

As long as relationships remain strained between the US and Iran, these explosive demonstrations are likely to persist.