WMC Chopped!

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WMC Chopped!

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Everyone knows the classic television show Chopped; now, it has come to WMC! Mrs. Feltimo’s Chopped Competition took place January 6th through the 10th, in her Culinary Arts classroom which is located at C117. 


Although there were a total of 5 competitions that took place throughout the week, Paw Reporters, Michael Oestrich and Sebastian Gutkin, went to witness the competition during Period 7. Upon arrival it was noticed that there were four teams that consisted of about 3 to 4 members each. Each group was given the same three mystery ingredients that they had to incorporate in their meal. These mystery ingredients were tilapia, Boursin cheese, red bell pepper, and baby spinach.

Mrs. Feltimo giving each team the directions for the competition right before they began.

After discovering what these ingredients were, each team was given only 5 minutes to plan what meal they would decide to make and how they would serve the meal, whether it would be individual plates or family style. As the 5 minutes concluded, the teams then had 30 minutes to cook their dish with the use of any ingredient that was at the main counter.

 During this half hour the four judges, Mr. Rymer, Ms. Noone, Mr. Cinotti, and Mrs. Quabeck went around the room and assessed the productivity of each group. Although at times some groups seemed to struggle each team had 2 Lifelines, where they had a chance to discuss with Mrs. Feltimo on what they should do in order to make the best meal they possibly could. She advised many groups throughout the 30 minutes and informed them what would taste the best and what wouldn’t.

Judges from the Period 7 Competition. Ms. Noone, Mr.Rymer, Mr. Cinotti, and Mrs. Quabeck From Left to Right).


As the 30 minutes came to an end and the judges took their seats at the table, the 4 teams started to plate their food. One by one each team came up and served their dish to the judges. After serving they had to go back to their stations and clean while the other groups presented their meals to the judges. The judges then based the meals on taste, creativity of ingredients, appearance, and whether or not all mystery ingredients were used. The judges ranked these qualities which then led to the decision of the winners. 



In total, there were 5 competitions that took place during Mrs. Feltimo’s 5 different cooking classes. The winners are as listed; 

Period 1: Cam Spady, Felice Montella, Kelsey Vasquez, Craig Zedowski, and Tayla Sharp. The mystery ingredients were boneless and skinless chicken thighs, broccoli, red bell pepper, marinara sauce.

The Winning Meal from Period 1, featured by Mrs. Feltimos cooking instagram account.

Period 2: Adam Bliesath, Margaret O’Connor, Grace Soltes, and Sarah Bietka.The mystery ingredients were corn tortillas, tilapia grape tomatoes, and spicy sweet pickles.

The Winning Meal from Period 2, featured by Mrs. Feltimo’s cooking instagram account.

Period 5: Reese Ronceray, Justin Alstede, Michael Carnatz, and Ryan Ruitshauser. The mystery ingredients were boneless and skinless chicken thighs, broccoli, marinara sauce, and Boursin cheese.

The Winning Meal from Period 5, featured by Mrs. Feltimo’s cooking instagram account.

Period 7: Aidan Celiano, Alyssa Zito, and Amanda Keller. The mystery ingredients were Boursin cheese, tilapia, baby spinach, and red bell pepper.

The Winning Meal from Period 7, featured by Mrs. Feltimo’s cooking instagram account.

Period 8: Max Petraitis, John Leshko, Andrew Brown, and Trevor Cece. The mystery ingredients were of flank steak, fingerling potatoes, cauliflower, red onion, and mushrooms.

The Winning Meal from Period 8, featured by Mrs. Feltimo’s cooking instagram account.

Each team brought their own uniqueness to their dish and their best efforts were definitely displayed. The class had a productive environment and every single member of each team tried their best to impress the judges with outstanding meals!


With the success of the Chopped Competition, Mrs. Feltimo has stated the possibility of a teachers Chopped Competition. She has announced that many teachers want to participate and that it could be happening in the upcoming future. These upcoming events in the Culinary Arts class leave students and staff wondering what WMC should expect next!


If interested in keeping up to date with what’s cooking in Mrs. Feltimo’s cooking classes, visit her instagram @CookWithMrsF