Home for the Holidays: Rating Top Holiday Movies


Over the years, as a society we have accumulated hundreds of holiday movies. Ranging from comedies to dramas, there is nearly an endless selection of movies to watch during the holiday season. As years have passed, television has even progressed to dedicating certain channels to just Christmas movies. For example, the Hallmark Channel has already begun showing Christmas movies all day, everyday of the week and we just reached the beginning of December. In addition, allotting time for some of the same films to play multiple times throughout the month of December has recently become a common practice with tv channels because of how widely celebrated holiday movies have become for families. 

Amidst the chaos of political turmoil and a global health crisis, finding moments to step back and enjoy aspects of old life are integral to maintaining a somewhat calmer lifestyle. Especially during times such as these, the Coronavirus leaves individuals with even more time to come together and reminisce over the holiday movies that have been around for years. With individuals working from home, community sports being cancelled, and nearly zero holiday parties taking place, movies are more important than ever! 

As an avid celebrator of Christmas and all of its related festivities, I chose to take a look at the most popular Christmas movies according to Entertainment Weekly, and rate some of the must-see Christmas movies for every family: 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) 

The cartoon classic from Dr. Suess continues to be a holiday staple in households. The frequent quips, and overall wholesomeness from the Grinch, continues to be enjoyed during the holiday season. However, the debate continues as to whether the holiday classic beats the live action adaptation starring Jim Carrey. (Photo Courtesy: IMDB) Rating: 6/10    


Home Alone (1990) 

In Home Alone, John Hughes uses the character of Kevin McCallister to depict the twists and turns McCallister encounters through his battle of wits with some local burglars. This 90s gem can be enjoyed by the whole family and allows for a hilarious enjoyment of fun holiday antics. (Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Studios Family) Rating: 7/10  


A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) 

Similar to the other Peanut movies, A Charlie Brown Christmas encompases all of the warmth and nostalgia that a movie can have. From the music, to the humor, to the wholesomeness, A Charlie Brown Christmas is a perfect holiday movie to watch with the family. The film brings out family values and learning to appreciate the beauty in all things. (Photo Courtesy: IMDB) Rating: 8/10  


Elf (2003)  

Elf  has proven for many years to potentially be one of the best family comedies for the holiday season. Will Ferrrell continues to bring laughs as an oversized elf leaving the North Pole to search for his long lost father. (Photo Courtesy: IMP Awards) Rating: 8/10  


It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)  

It’s a Wonderful Life continues to be possibly one of the best holiday movies made. The movie is somehow funny, wholehearted, and profound all in one. It’s a Wonderful Life allows for it’s watchers to remember the real meaning of Christmas and gain a real sense of gratitude. (Photo Courtesy: TV Guide) Rating: 9/10 


For a lot of people, watching Christmas movies brings back memories of their childhood and getting to spend quality family time. One WMC senior shared, “My favorite Christmas Movie is A Christmas Story” due to the fact that the movie “strikes a nostalgic and lighthearted tone while still being a standout example of originality in the holiday comedy genre.” Clearly, watching holiday movies means something a little different to everyone depending on what types of emotions are brought out through each film. The memories and feelings evoked from holiday movies is something each of us can try to cling to during such stressful times, and appreciate as we enter the holiday season.

Regardless of what you prefer, all of the movies above provide the holiday comfort that could be missing from a regular Christmas season. Of course, if you find yourself with the time during quarantine, bingeing all of those movies is another perfect option. No matter what you find yourself doing, make sure to take time to enjoy the holiday season as much as possible.