AirPods Pro: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

This past Christmas Day, December 25th, 2020, I was fortunate enough to be gifted Apple’s new tech product the AirPods Pro. Opening my stocking half asleep, I was shocked when I pulled out the small white box. As an avid user of my traditional headphones, with the original headphone jack and prone-to-tangling strings, I was unsure of how to feel with this new gift. You see, for the longest time, I was incredibly adamant about never buying any edition of AirPods. I thought the idea of having to charge my headphones and need Bluetooth to use them would prove to be too taxing for my ungenerous patience. However, after finally inserting the small ‘pods’ into my ears, I knew that opinion would quickly change.  


When you initially rip away the clear packaging and open the box, you’ll find a small envelope of documentation and miscellaneous information in regards to the AirPods. Then, you’ll uncover the wireless charging case encasing the AirPods Pro. After removing the insert, Apple reveals a small block of small, medium, and large silicone ear tips suited to fit all ear sizes. Lastly, along with the reusable ear tip holder, Apple provides the buyer with a USB-C to lightning power cable meant for the charging case. Unlike the original AirPods, the AirPods Pro charging case is oriented horizontally rather than vertically (due to the headphones having a wider earpiece and shorter stem). Also, the AirPods Pro charging case is slightly larger than the original AirPods. Based on the physical changes to the packaging, it appears the AirPods Pro is more heavy-duty compared to the original model. 


The AirPods Pro also provides significant advantages for fancier, more convenient listening. Aside from the ear tips being easy to replace and remove from the AirPod, the ear tips also allow for more comfortable listening. The new AirPods Pro features active noise cancellation for immersive sound, allowing users to sit in a crowded room, with no music or podcasts playing, and still not hear those around them. In contrast, Apple also allows buyers to go into “Transparency Mode” to use the AirPods and still be able to hear their surroundings. The vents within the AirPods allow for the AirPods to be lightweight and equalize pressure in the ears. The adaptive EQ curates sound to fit each individual’s ear and help improve the listening experience. Along with that, the AirPods have a force sensor to allow users to control calls, music, and switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode. Plus, the AirPods Pro is sweat and water-resistant, allowing for workout-proof listening. The AirPods Pro also has a mesh microphone port, improving call quality in windy situations. Not to mention, there are countless cool features to choose from within your iPhone when connected to your AirPods Pro. 


Although there is much to like, is it worth shelling out nearly 250 bucks (depending on where you buy)? Along with all the benefits, the AirPods Pro does have it’s cons. With the AirPods being wireless, users are required to charge their wireless case and AirPods after extended use (yes, just like your phone). With that in mind, the charging case does provide more than 24 hours of battery life (with multiple additional charges in the case), but, you will still have to make sure that it is charged. You know what that means! More chargers. Unshockingly, the AirPods Pro is also more pricey compared to the original AirPods. In addition, when I went to put the AirPods Pro in and listen to music, I felt that the newly designed structure made it difficult to keep the AirPods in and caused my ears to feel slightly sore if I kept them in for too long. Not to mention, with too much movement, I worried that they would fall out of my ears and break. 


Although I was initially apprehensive about trying out the AirPods Air, I can say it has made music listening easier. There has been no more detangling to worry about, and I have found them to be much more convenient overall. Living in a busy household, the noise canceling feature has been a godsend. The AirPods Pro have also improved the music quality significantly to say the least in comparison to the regular headphones. The cordless pods and case have also made it substantially easy to store them within my stuff. If you’re still contemplating going out and buying the AirPods Pro, well, here’s your sign to go for it!