Teacher’s Rally


Teachers stand outside the school in attempt to make a statement about their nonexistent contract.


On April 2, 2014, teachers of Mendham and Central stood out on the hills near the field and in the gravel lot near the f-wing. Signs were held, music was played, and talks were read. The issue addressed is that teachers are working without a contract.


As of June 30, 2013, teacher’s contracts expired and they have been teaching all year without a renewed contract. This means their pay has not changed. They get paid the same amount as they had with their previous contract. Teachers are not pleased with this.


President of the Teacher’s Association, Joyce Hartmann, along with other teachers wear a pin everyday saying “No Contract. Still Working. Always Caring.” Another badge they have is “Still Working Without A Contract :(“ This association consists of 243 teachers, in at Mendham and Central.

Nothing has changed yet, but the teachers are still working to make awareness to the problem. They hope to be getting a renewed contract in the near future for they care about their students and deserve pay.