P.R.I.D.E Students of the Month: Passion

Neelam Pereyra, Freshman Student of the Month

This is Neelam’s first year at West Morris Central. He has made it his goal this year to help other students feel welcome much like he did upon moving to the district. He believes that a key step in becoming a better student is passion. Whether that is participating in class or getting his work done on time, Neelam strives to be the best he can and work for his goals. He participates in the school orchestra as a violinist and is also a member of the computer science club. He is honored to have received Student of the Month and would like to give a special thanks to all WMC staff for all their hard work!

Lily Inskeep, Sophomore Student of the Month

Lily is a sophomore here at Central. She is very empathetic to the fact that everyone is facing their own challenges, especially after last year, knowing the mental health struggles many students experienced. Her way of showing passion is her dedication to her classes where she always makes an effort to participate and understand the material in hopes of making school more enjoyable. Lily is a cheerleader and is interested in the many other clubs WMC has to offer to give back to the community. This recognition means a lot to her and she appreciates the staff who have noticed her and her efforts during such a tough transition period. 

Adalyn Conner, Junior Student of the Month

Addy is a junior this year at West Morris Central. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude towards school and peers is her way of showing both respect and passion in our community. She believes that by having a good attitude, negative aspects of life won’t feel so consuming. She is very involved with clubs and activities including WMC theater, choir, Sarah’s PALS, and student council. She suggests other students fuel their own passions by getting involved in clubs as well! Addy is glad others have recognized her positivity and hope people can look to her example!