Tips on How to Become More Spiritual in 2022

Tips on How to Become More Spiritual in 2022


New year, new you! Here are 3 different ways to become more spiritual in 2022! Spirituality is not a religion; it’s a healthier way of living. Spirituality can help you become more relaxed and less anxious. It’s something you can turn to if you’re feeling stressed or uneasy. The best thing about spirituality is you can make it whatever you want it to be. 

One of the first and most important things you can do in spirituality to ease your anxiety is to learn different breathing techniques. From personal experience breathing techniques have been able to aid any current anxiety or tension people have had. In yoga, there is a specific term for breathing called “pranayama.” One of the most basic forms of pranayama is just breathing three times, taking them slow and easy. If you try this now you can probably already start to feel more centered and relaxed. Another technique that you can make into your own practice is Nadi Shodhana; to do this you are going to cover your right nostril with your pointer finger and inhale from your left nostril only. Do this for 10 counts to do the trick and repeat the same technique with the other nostril. This is something you can use every day to keep yourself centered and more relaxed when you are feeling anxious.  

Meditation and breathing go hand and hand because once you master breathing you will have more success with meditation. All meditation is simply clearing your mind while being present in the moment. This might sound easy but it can be very difficult. As humans we have so many thoughts that run through us every day so to be able to sit in silence for 15 minutes can be challenging; that’s why it’s important to start slow. First, try 5 minutes and use your five senses to distract your mind from lingering thoughts. You can also use different breathing techniques as well. 

Journaling is another thing that can really help you become more spiritual. Just recognizing your thoughts from your subconscious is a major step in the right direction. It’s also really healthy to write everything on your mind down on a piece of paper. Whether it’s writing an entry every day about how you’re feeling or expressing gratitude or both, this will help you connect more with your consciousness and subconscious and create more love for yourself. One exercise you can do right now is getting a piece of paper and writing down all the things that make you anxious and depressed. When you’re done with this list, take a look at everything you wrote and reflect back on it. Some things might look funny or you didn’t expect to write such things. Hold onto that piece of paper and come back to it in a month and look at everything you have achieved.

 We as humans are so powerful and we have the ability to create so much love and confidence for ourselves if we work for it. Becoming a better version of yourself is spirituality.